Testosterone-Enanthate 250 Aburaihan

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$12.50 CAD - $100.00 CAD
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Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals, Iran, steroids made in iran

It is one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical market of Iran. It specializes on the production of hormonal drugs that are used in medicine and veterinary.

The main focuses of this company are development and production of androgenic anabolic steroids. Especially successful drugs include products based on testosterone and its derivatives. Also should be noted, that drugs that include the synthetic male sex hormone (testosterone), are widely used for medical purposes in medical institutions in Iran. Large production facilities allow competing not only with local manufacturers, but also with global giants of pharmacology.

The company was founded in 1965 as a subsidiary of another giant of pharmaceutical industry, the concern Shering. The original name of this company was Berlimed of Iran. However, in 1981 was decided to rename company to Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals Co, this brand has this name until now. Aburaihan now is a public property of Iran. Modern equipment and the latest developments allow this brand’s products to meet the high international standards of this industry.

There are the standards of pharmacological industry to which products of the Iranian company Aburaihan Pharmaceuticals correspond:

  • GMP;

  • Quality management;

  • OHSAS;

  • ISO 14001 (Safety for the environment).