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Information about the drug:

Anavar 20 is also known as Oxandrolone. It is dihydrotestosterone-based androgenic anabolic steroid. This product was firstly presented in 1965.

A distinctive feature of this drug is that it does not cause aromatization. It is the process of interaction of testosterone with an aromatase enzyme, as a result of this process, testosterone (the main male sex hormone) is converted to estradiol (the main female sex hormone). This process is natural and quite normal for the organism, when it comes to endogenous testosterone. However, with high doses of exogenous testosterone, this process can cause irreversible effects in the male body.

High effectiveness and power of this drug can be explained by the unique modification that gives next features to this medicine:

  • The anabolic index was increased to 400% of pure testosterone (testosterone in sport pharmacology is used as other AAS power measurement template, its index 100% by default);

  • The androgenic index was decreased to 25% of pure testosterone.

Anavar got a powerful anabolic property in the result. This characteristic is responsible for protein synthesis in cells and connection with androgen receptors.

The reducing of androgenic effect let to avoid of many side effects in practice. These effects include: coarseness of the voice, excessive hair growth on the body and hair loss on the head. One of the most dangerous (androgenic) side effects is uncontrolled attacks of aggression – this mainly applies to super-powerful drugs and the using of large dosages. In this drug the occurrence of such negative manifestations is reduced as much as possible.

Its initial using was for medical purposes. Patients passed courses of Oxandrolone in the case of next disorders:

  1. Osteoporosis — bone density reduction and metabolic disorders in bone cause high fragility (increase the risk of injury);

  2. Anemia — an insufficient amount of red blood cells in the blood and, as a consequence, decreased level of hemoglobin, that causes an oxygen starvation in the tissues;

  3. Consequences of severe injuries that usually related to loss of skin and muscle tissues.

Anavar 20 is highly effective when it comes to tissue regeneration, as it contributes to more active work of muscle cells, activates cell nucleus to produce amino acids that are necessary for building and recovery of muscle tissues.

Anavar is one of the most popular and save drugs on the modern market of sports pharmacology. Its safety was proved by the time and it is the leader in applying by female athletes. This drug’s smooth effect and practically complete absence of side effects attract more and more novice sportsmen.

There are main positive effects of Anavar 20:

  • The upgrading of anabolic workout response (an increased growth of muscle mass);

  • The increasing of performance;

  • The increasing of strength indicators;

  • Fast regeneration between the trainings;

  • Motivation for workouts.

A real increase in lean muscle mass is an inevitable effect for an athlete who uses Anavar during the intensive training period.

Oxandrolone contributes to a more abundant production of protein structures in muscle cells and in the result, muscle mass also grows. A well-made training program, which includes correct nutrition and rest schedule, is surely the direct catalyst for muscle growth.

Endurance is another integral component for achieving results. An enduring athlete can train longer and more efficiently. Practically all AAS help to increase stamina by increasing the level of red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. These cells contain hemoglobin which has the ability to bind oxygen, obtained in the lungs, and that is responsible for transporting oxygen to the cells of the whole organism. A cell that is not deprived of energy and oxygen, works much more efficiently and productively, as a result, the whole body becomes more enduring.

In some cases, the increase in strength can lead inexperienced athletes to injury. The fact is that under the influence of Oxandrolone and any other AAS, there is a more powerful accumulation of energy in the whole organism and in muscle cells in particular. As a result, the entire muscle begins to work more smoothly and efficiently. In some cases, the muscles become stronger and larger so fast, that tendons and joints do not have time to adapt to the rapidly growing loads. In such cases you can get injured, so you should carefully consider the increase in loads and do it gradually.

The recovery of athlete in the shortest time, even after the most difficult workout, occurs due to all the same interaction between the drug and the muscle cell nucleus. The amino acids produced in the cell are primarily used to restore partially destroyed muscle tissue (this process occurs constantly in the muscles and is called catabolic). The more actively the cell nucleus works, the faster the recovery takes place, but it also depends on the intensity of workout and load.

The motivation for novice user of AAS is obvious. The result of a few weeks of anabolic steroids applying is visible for everybody. This fact fills sportsmen with special energy and gives positive charge for the training.


Anavar 20 is proved to be a powerful enough medicine to be applied single on the course. However, it is excellently combined with other anabolic steroids, perfectly complements the courses of injectable drugs and allows professional bodybuilders to solve different complex tasks. One of these tasks is to achieve excellent relief and lean appearance of muscles. In bodybuilding and similar disciplines, it is usually used in the period of preparation for performance and contributes to the achievement of a competitive type of musculature.

Also its applying is justified in athletics, team sports and martial arts. This drug contributes to a more active use of fat reserves as energy, thus reducing the percentage of body fat in the user's body, in turn, let to control the weight category. Also, increased endurance and strength contribute to a better and more harmonious work of the whole organism and improved oxygen saturation also affects the brain, improves neuromuscular communication, and as a result, improves the response and thought processes (mental).

The dosage and period of use depends on the athlete’s experience with AAS, on the body weight and susceptibility to the drug.

Recommendations for novice users are: start taking of this drug with a minimum dosage of 20 mg per day, next estimate the physiological changes and performance in the training process after several days of using. During the normal effect of the drug, you should feel a surge of energy and a desire to train. If you want to improve the effect, you should smoothly increase the dosage. The maximum recommended dosage is 80 mg per day, but this is a fairly high dose, so apply it carefully.

 The period of using of this drug (duration period) is for 6-8 week, after which it is better to make a pause for the recovery of the organism. This product does not cause most of common side effects, but it can influence on the production of natural testosterone, so do not apply it for longer than the recommended period. Also, remember that this drug is alpha-17-alkylated (adapted for oral using), so it can badly affect the liver in the case of big dosages.

Side effects:

This drug is one of the most loyal to the human body. If you apply a dosage of up to 20 mg per day, then you have nothing to fear. However, if the dosage is much higher, then some undesirable manifestations may occur, namely:

Nausea and diarrhea;

Estrogenic side effects are excluded;

Androgenic are also unlikely;

Suppression of own testosterone. To resume the work of your own glands, you need to undergo post-course therapy.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.  

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