APO-Furosemide (Furosemide USP) 40MG

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$55.00 CAD
Apo-pramipexole Apotex

Information about the drug:Pramipexole contains dopamine, which tends to interact with the hormone.....

$20.00 CAD - $180.00 CAD
Tamoxifen 20 MG 100 tabs

Information about the drug: Apo-Tamoxifen is the most famous and save product to overcome estroge.....

$160.00 CAD
Tamoxifen 20MG

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$80.00 CAD

Information about the drug:Triazide is a complex drug that consists of two active components triam.....

$85.00 CAD
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Apotex, Canadian Pharmacology, Quality Pharmacology from Canada

APOTEX is a quality, tested by years. The company was founded in 1974 in Canada. A feature of this manufacturer’s products is financial affordability and excellent quality. This company produces not only the most popular drugs, there is also a huge range of self-developed products, which high quality became very popular among patients all over the world.

The company is successfully developing now, increasing its production capacity every year. The total number of employees involved in the production and development of pharmacological drugs is more than 12 thousand employees worldwide.

The rapid growth of the company allows to introduce modern technologies and to produce medicines that help thousands of patients every day.

The rapid development and good market strategy allowed APOTEX to assemble an efficient group of enterprises. Each member of the APOTEX group is responsible for a specific segment of production, so company got the opportunity to independently develop and produce high-quality products regardless of foreign suppliers of raw materials and developers.

At the moment the APOTEX group includes several enterprises:

  • Apotex Generics;

  • Apotex Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients;

  • Apobiologix;

  • ApoPharma.

Compliance with international standards allows to export products of this company in more than 117 countries around the world. Production is established in 46 countries, factories located in the USA, Mexico and India are one of the most efficient subsidiaries. The investing of financial investments on the development of existing branches around the world allows APOTEX to secure its position in the global pharmacology market.

High quality and favorable conditions for cooperation allow to make good distribution network, thereby making products more accessible for every patient.