Arctotropin (HGH)

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Information about the drug:

HGH Arctotropin is a pharmacological drug for injections. Its composition includes an artificially created human growth hormone named somatotropin. This hormone is absolutely identical to endogenous HGH.

This is the most popular peptide hormone among athletes and bodybuilders. Somatotropin is synthesized in the pituitary gland. Human`s organism produces somatotropin during the whole life. The intensity of secretion in the night is higher than during the day. The level of human growth hormone is the same in the male and female body. If a person suffers from insomnia, smatotropin secretion decreases.

Firstly scientists discovered growth hormone from the pituitary gland of an animal in 1944. Human growth hormone was discovered in 1956. At the present time there are several methods for somatotropin producing: to get from the pituitary gland of corpses, to make a synthetic analog in the laboratory, or to produce using genetic engineering. Now the first way is prohibited, as such hormone can cause serious and rare diseases.

For some time after the scientific discovery, somatotropin was used for medical purposes. This hormone copes perfectly with the treatment of atrophic disorders, chronic renal failure, various joint diseases and hormonal problems in children and adults.

After the first researches of this hormone, scientists noticed that it causes the bone growth in children. That is why somatotropin has been widely used in bodybuilding and other iron kinds of sport. This is the main anabolic drug for weight gaining, increasing strength indicators and also for overall strengthening of the organism. Since somatotropin enhances immunity and has anti-aging properties, it is simply indispensable in post-traumatic therapy and rehabilitation.

This hormone promotes the development of such muscle mass, which would be maintained even after the end of the course. The thing is, the number of muscle fibers in each muscle is genetically incorporated. Thus, in order to increase muscle mass, it is necessary to increase muscle fibers. One of the properties of growth hormone is the ability to cause division of the muscle tissue cells in the case of using certain dosages. If muscles mass were gained in this way, it will not disappear even after the cancelling of the drug.

Another beneficial effect for athletes is using of fatty acid as a primary source of energy. In addition, somatotropin increases the synthesis of chondroitin sulfates and collagen. Apparently, this leads to noticeable increasing of power and strength indicators. Since chondroitin sulfates are specific elements of cartilages, some athletes believe that this drug protects them from injuries during the training.


Ready-to-use Arctotropin is a light tan powder. To prepare the drug, you need to mix it with a special solution for injections. Next you should immediately make an injection. This finished product can be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than 24 hours. Follow the dosage that was recommended in the instruction. Using of large doses of Arctotropin does not change the effect, but increases the likelihood of side effects.

Somatotropin is included in the list of prohibited doping drugs, but it is still popular among athletes of international level. The thing is that it is almost impossible to detect growth hormone at the doping control. It is difficult to say how justified the ban of this drug in sports is. The answer can only be given by scientific researches, which cannot be carried out due to this prohibition.

Since somatotropin is considered a prohibited doping drug, it is almost impossible to find reliable information on the effectiveness of its use in sports. However, the reviews and experience of other athletes shows that injections of Arctotropin can increase muscle mass and reduce accumulated fat.

There are some recommendations how to use somatotropin to feel the best effect:

  • Low temperature in the gym or living in a cold climate suppresses the effects of growth hormone
  • Anabolic effect of this drug can be depraved if the level of glucose in athlete`s blood is increased
  • Somatostatin, progesterones and glucocorticoids also inhibit the effects of somatotropin
  • Such physiological factors as good sleep and physical activity facilitate the release of this hormone

We do not recommend using Arctotropin as the only one drug on the course. The fact is that when person takes somatotropin-based drugs, the organism feels the need of more thyroid hormones, insulin, gonadotropins, estrogens and steroid hormones. So, add thyroid hormone and insulin to the course of Arctotropin to feel the promised effect of this drug.

Pay attention that the use of human growth hormone may be accompanied by the formation of antibodies. This effect was noticed by approximately 30-40% of patients. However, only 5% of them neutralize the therapeutic effect of the hormone.

Also remember that you can easily get on a low-quality or fake drug on the “black market”.

Side effects:

Side effects from the use of Arctotropin are extremely rare and, as a rule, are easily reversible. Some negative symptoms still may appear in the case of drug abuse:

  • Large doses of human growth hormone reduce insulin activity and increase the risk of diabetes. Follow recommendations for using to avoid these effect
  • Somatotropin-based drugs can cause hypothyroidism in very rare cases. In that regard, it is necessary to control the level of thyroid hormones in the organism
  • It is also known that growth hormone provokes acromegaly in people with gonadal hyperfunction. This disease manifests as an increase in the width and thickness of bones, a change in facial features due to the growth of the lower jaw and nose. The size and weight of some internal organs may also increase.

Among the features of Arctotropin and other somatotropin-based drugs, it should be separately noted that frequent injections in the same place can damage fat tissue, and this threatens the development of purulent inflammation of the soft tissues.

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You must consult with your attending physician before you first start applying this drug.

We also ask you to take into account that this medicine may cause some side effects. If you notice any disturbing symptoms, you have to contact your doctor.

In some cases, it is necessary to stop taking the drug for a while. You must also tell the doctor if you apply Androgenic Anabolic Steroids with other medicines. So physician can prescribe treatment and help to relieve unpleasant side effects.

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