Arimidex (Anastrozole 1mg)

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Information about the drug:

Armidex was firstly used in 1995 in medicine goals to treat the cancer of the breast. Its main function was decreasing the amount of the estrogens in female’s body. With time these characters of the drug started to use in bodybuilding to avoid aromatization (the transmutation of androgens to estrogens). In sports this product is used like effective inhibitor of aromatase. Using androgenic anabolic steroids appears the necessity to deal with extra estrogens. Anastrozole was recommended like really strong drug for such cases. Adding Armidex to the course of steroids athlete avoids some famous disasters like gynecomastia, excess accumulating of water and high blood pressure.

Thanks to that you can increase the dosage of steroids for better effectiveness of trainings. This medicine is necessary for users who like long courses and big doses. The appearing of Anastrozole in bodybuilding made the task of creating courses of applying AAS easier. Many professionals start to train more effective. This drug transcends anti-estrogenic as its principle of action is different. This medicine does not deal with estrogens, but prevents its production by blinding the aromatase. That prevents the conversion of testosterone and save it in the big amount.


Armidex is used together with anabolic steroids. Depends on the amount of steroids you apply the dosage can changes. In the temperate course of steroids sportsmen use 0.5mg of drug a day. Increase the dose of this drug to 1mg a day if the dose of used steroids bigger.

Such way of using can decrease the level of the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, protecting athlete from gynecomastia and high blood pressure.

Side effects:

Every medicine product in the case of incorrect applying can become a reason of negative effects. Armidex is not an exception, the negative influence on the organism is also possible:

  • Pain in the joints;

  • Bad sleep;

  • Increased skin sensitivity;

  • Nausea;

  • Feeling of strong fatigue;

  • Depression.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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