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Bayer AG, sports pharmacology from Germany, German steroids

Bayer AG is the name associated with high-quality and proven pharmacological products. This company was founded in 1863 by Friedrich Bayer. Bayer AG has gained worldwide fame thanks to the selling of acetylsalicylic acid (Aspirin).

After World War I, the company became under the control of United States and Canada, all rights to the brand and products were transferred to the full control of these countries. Bayer AG Miles Laboratories and all of its production assets were the part of the American company Sterling Drug, which was renamed Sterling Winthrop later. 

During the World War II, the company used prisoners of war for its development; some of the prisoners were used to test drug experimentally.

After World War II, Bayer AG regained its rights to manufacture, the name and all products previously produced.

In 1978, Bayer AG acquired the Miles Laboratories concern, which consists of Miles Canada and Cutter Laboratories along with rights to all manufactured products:


Flinton's Chewable Vitamins;

One-a-Day vitamins;

Cutter (insect repellent).

In 1994, Bayer AG acquired the Sterling Winthrop dealer network from SmithKline Beecham, after it carried out a massive merger with Miles Laboratories. This action allowed to regain the right to use the name Bayer AG and its logo in Canada and the United States.

Currently this company is the largest supplier of medicines worldwide. Products that are used in sports are very popular, as they have very high quality and good bioavailability, while they have almost no tendency to manifest side effects.