British Dispensary

Anabol BD

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$40.00 CAD - $1,500.00 CAD

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$250.00 CAD - $1,125.00 CAD
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British Dispensary, sports pharmacology made in England

British Dispensary is a giant in the pharmaceutical industry with rich experience in this domain. The company was founded in 1892 in the UK by Dr. Hayes-Kaun. Like many other similar companies, British Dispensary began its activities with a simple pharmacy. Since the production was high quality and efficient, the company started to improves too. As a result of continuous development and improvement, simple pharmacy became a giant factory. It was decided to move production to Thailand.

At the moment, British Dispensary is a powerful player in the pharmaceutical industry. The company produces a large number of drugs, but special attention is paid on the production of anabolic steroids and pharmacological support products for athletes.

The company British Dispensary includes four subsidiaries, whose products are widely distributed in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The high level of production allows to make good quality products -- each product has a certificate that is certified by the Ministry of Health of Thailand and also has a certificate from GMP Pharmaceutical.

Several of the most popular drugs for athletes were rewarded by certificates of the highest quality:

  • Anabol BD 5 mg British Dispensery;

  • Androlic 50 mg British Dispensary;

  • Azolol 5 mg British Dispensary.

The company firstly entered the market of United States and Canada with these drugs. Professional athletes make a choice in favor of the British Dispensary company more and more often, since it is noted that the product meets all declared characteristics and has high efficiency.

Clean products and good bioavailability eliminate the possibility of unpredictable side effects. The same quality and safety allow women to use anabolic agents.

A good combination of price and quality allows British Dispensary to compete with market leaders and confidently win their market segment in the industry.