What is common between the drug for males potency and the trainings?

Everyone knows that Viagra is the most popular drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. But this tool has some very interesting ways to use it. For example, athletes actively use Sildenafil in bodybuilding (this substance is the main active component of Viagra).

Do not think that some bodybuilders are looking for a means to eliminate impotence. The point here is different. Viagra is used by bodybuilders for pumping. The fact is that sildenafil is used for muscle growth. The main active component of Viagra causes increased blood flow to muscle tissue. Due to this, endurance is significantly increased, and the athlete can withstand heavy loads, and as a result achieve improved results.

How it works on practice?

In practice, this is an opportunity to lift more weight, increase the number of approaches and generally better indicators. Thus, Viagra can increase the payload ratio. But it is worthwhile to understand that the tool with Sildenafil does not apply to nitrogen donors. Viagra does not affect the NO level in any way, but it also helps to dilate blood vessels in muscle tissue.

Although the drug with Sildenafil has a minimal set of side effects, it positively affects the work of the heart, improves blood flow to muscle tissues and slightly lowers blood pressure. In bodybuilding, Viagra has a positive effect, unlike anabolics and steroid drugs, which affect health more badly.

The best way to take Viagra

The most optimal Viagra technique for bodybuilding:

On those days when you give yourself a break, the drug is not necessary. It is advisable to do this in order not to get used to the action of the drug.

The most suitable course of use is a usually 3-4 weeks (if you take the drug every day). And if you take pills only on training days, then you can stretch it for 4-6 weeks.


What is very important (if someone is worried about this), an erection will not occur arbitrarily under the influence of Viagra. It will only appear if you have received proper sexual arousal.


The second most popular among bodybuilders is Cialis. Tadalafil, which underlies it, acts by analogy with Sildenafil. It will also help you increase blood flow to your muscles. If you are a professional bodybuilder, you can take Cialis without undue risk to your body. Cialis differs from Viagra in its longer action and increased safety for health. It is better compatible with alcoholic beverages and meals.

And at the end…

The use of the drug may be beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Expanding blood vessels and improving blood flow in muscles, it improves tissue oxygen supply, slightly lowers blood pressure. Athletes feel a wave of energy, which helps them train more efficiently

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