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Information about the drug:

Testosterone Cypionate is a drug that contains long ether, the half-life of which is 6-7 days. For the first time a drug with such a long ether appeared in the distant 1950. And it was used to treat men with a deficiency of androgens, as well as prescribed medication prescribed for patients who experienced rapid loss of weight. Properties of drugs based on testosterone help a lot of sick people now, mainly this recovery after heavy surgery and large burns.

The majority of athletes even today consider that Cypionate is one of the most successful ethers. This ether is very convenient to use, due to the fact that the injection should be done once a week, which allows a smooth and even saturation of the blood with testosterone.

The use of this drug helps to increase anabolic processes, increase the strength and endurance of the athlete. Also, accelerated protein synthesis occurs in cells, which allows muscle tissues to develop much faster. Properties also include increased appetite and improved digestibility of nutrients. By using Testosterone Cypionate you will receive far more nutrients from food.

Increased stamina is achieved due to the ability to increase the number of red blood cells in the blood, this property allows you to saturate the blood with oxygen more actively, as a result, the athlete feels a lot more strength.


Depending on the task, the drug can be used in two ways. If it is a matter of recruiting mass, then the dosage is 200 mg per week, this is for beginners. Such quantity of a product, is capable to raise considerably your power indicators and to give a good gain of weight. For more experienced athletes, the dosage should be above 400-600 mg per week. This dose will provide you with a good set of mass, as well as significantly increase the strength. In heavy steroids, doses of 1000 mg per week can be applied, but this dose is calculated for professionals who are able to control side effects.

Also, Cypionax can be used in preparation for performances. In this case, a dosage of 100-150 mg per week will allow you to keep the result achieved and effectively deal with catabolic effects. That becomes very actual in cases of observance of a strict diet.

Side effects:

Preparations in the composition of which includes testosterone, are often well tolerated by healthy people if the simple rules of its administration are followed and dosages are not used. However, you should be aware of the consequences that may occur if you misuse it:

  • Estrogenic effects. Testosterone has the property of aromatizing, it is therefore necessary to use anti-estrogens together with steroids or an aromatase inhibitor. There is also a need to undergo post-course therapy.

  • Androgenic effects, they include increased aggressiveness, hair growth on the body and acne. These properties are difficult to control, therefore the recommended dosage should be followed.

  • Low production of own testosterone. To normalize this process, it is necessary to pass After the Course Therapy.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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