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Information about the drug

Deca, Decabol, Deca Durabolin are all commercial names for Nandrolone, which includes Decanoate ester. This product is sold in injection form, for intramuscular use.

Due to the fact that the composition includes one of the longest ethers, this product is very popular among athletes. Decanoate allows you to inject only once in 7-8 days. This is a very convenient option for the athlete, regardless of his experience.

This drug was first produced in 1962 in the United States. Like many other drugs, it was developed to treat a variety of diseases, mainly associated with loss of muscle mass. It was prescribed to patients who underwent severe surgeries and needed replacement of muscle tissue, as well as after burns, when not only the skin but also the muscle tissue was affected. The drug proved itself well and soon began to be used by the user of steroids for the purpose of gaining mass and strength.

In its structure, Deca resembles testosterone, but its modified removed the carbon atom in the 19th position, this can be understood by reading the chemical name of this product (9-nortestosterone). Such a modification made the drug softer for the human body, namely, it was possible to reduce androgenic side effects. Anabolic properties in this case increased in half. That is, there are fewer side effects, more anabolism.

The drug does not act as fast as more powerful steroids, the effect is more smooth. The weight is typed well, the quality of the mass too. After drug cancellation, you almost do not feel the phenomenon of recoil (loss of a large mass), as it happens in stronger steroids. Weight is typed dry and quality.

Deca is used by many professionals as a basic steroid, to which more powerful anabolics are added. It can be found in a variety of the most common courses of steroids.


The Deca-Durabolin course is one of the longest and reaches 10 weeks. The maximum recommended weekly dosage is 600 milligrams, with a single injection every 7 days.

Dosage depends on the goal that the athlete pursues. Apply Deca Durabolin can be used in two cases, to reduce pain in joints, the dosage is 100-150 mg once a week. To obtain a gain in muscle mass and strength, the dosage is 300-400 mg of drug per week. Such a dosage will help you to add well to the mass.

Some athletes take and 600 mg per week, and in rare cases, 1000 mg. But it should be borne in mind that such doses tend to cause side effects. This requires the use of special drugs to avoid the possibility of side effects.

The course lasts 8-10 weeks, after which you should take a break and undergo post-course therapy.

A course longer than two months is accompanied by the intake of chorionic gonadotropin (starting from 4-5 weeks). At the end of the steroid, gonadotropin is already used as a PCT. Progesterone activity is eliminated by taking bromocriptine (starting from 2 weeks of the course and up to 2-3 weeks after its completion) or cabergoline (which is more preferable). Clomid is used to restore the normal state of the axis of the pituitary-hypothalamus-testicles. Taking Winstrol helps to suppress progestin activity. As an option to restore the secretion of your own testosterone, gonadotropin can be replaced with testosterone boosters. The maximum effect of taking nandrolone is ensured by dieting and the use of high-quality sports nutrition. As for how to take Deca-Durabolin on a combined course, the best steroid for combination is Testosterone. It compensates for a decrease in libido, suppression of the level of endogenous hormone and slow activity of the “soundboard”. Winstrol, Methandrostenolone, and Sustanon are also effective in mixed regimens.

If the athlete has doubts or questions about how to take Deca Durabolin, then it is worth consulting with a personal trainer and attending physician. A conversation with professionals will put everything in its place. Also, experts will help determine the optimal dosage, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the body, diet and the intensity of the loads in the athlete.

Side effects

With proper use, this drug does not cause serious consequences, but if the dosage is disturbed, some may occur:

  • Estrogenic activity. Deca Durabolin has a flavoring property, so you should use antiestrogens;
  • Androgenic effects. This drug does not have a large androgenic activity;
  • Low testosterone production. After the course of Deca Durabolin it is necessary to undergo post-course therapy.


In order for Deca Durabolin Organon to not harm the body, the steroid is contraindicated in people who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis and cancer.

In addition, for males who have not reached full age, the use of the steroid Nandrolone Deca Organon is allowed only under the full supervision of a doctor. For women, a pharmacological product is recommended for use with a reduced dosage. The recommended concentration for the female is not more than 50 mg of the substance per week.


This drug is medical product and requires following recommendations of using and storing. It should be stored in the cool dark place, avoiding direct sunlight. It’s also necessary to prevent applying this drug by children.

You MUST consult with your attending physician before you start using this drug. We also ask you to take into account that this drug may cause some side effects, some of them can be life-threatening. If you notice any disturbing symptoms you should to contact with your physician. In some cases, it is necessary to stop taking the drug for a while. Also you must inform your doctor if you taking this drugs with other medicines. So physician can prescribe proper treatment and help to avoid any unpleasant adverse effects.

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