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DESMA PHARMA Group, Steroids from Italy, Sports Pharmacology

DESMA PHARMA Group is pharmaceutical company with extensive experience in the production of medicines. DESMA PHARMA began the existence in 1927 in Italy.

The initial development strategy wasn’t an independent production of drugs, but obtaining rights to manufacture and sell products that were already developed and patented by other brands. This policy brought a good result, the company began rapid growth and development. By purchasing discontinued drugs, DESMA PHARMA Group was able to acquire not only patents for drugs, but sufficient capital that allowed them to acquire small enterprises for the production of pharmaceuticals drugs.

The expansion of the production capacity occurred at the expense of local absorbed producers and allows to immediately increase speed and volume of production -- it helped company to become a reliable companion for many suppliers.

Another positive thing that should be noticed in the company's policy is that the company practically did not invest any money in advertising, buying the rights to well-known products that were popular -- products tested over the years practically did not need marketing.

DESMA is still a strong player in the pharmaceutical industry not only in Italy, but also in many other European countries.

The strong foundation of the company consists of two powerful modern manufacturing plants that are located in Italy:

  • Laboratorio Farmaceutico SIT Srl. Pavia Administrative Center (North of Italy);

  • DMS Farmaceutici SpA, Tavernerio, the administrative center of Como (Lombardy region).

The company also has not missed the production of anabolic steroids, one of the most common and reliable drugs for drying and giving relief -- Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol). Italian injectable Stanozolol is highly effective and safe too.