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Information about the drug

Durabolin-100, Deca, Deca Durabolin — all these names are commercial and speak of one drug Nandrolone. The only difference can be only the dosage and the ether that is included in the preparation. Ether is a very important part of injection steroid preparations, since it is a regulator. Ether allows the steroid to flow smoothly into the bloodstream, in equal portions, creating a uniform anabolic background. This leads to a smooth and stable result.

In this case, there is a part of the drug is one of the shortest esters Phenylpropionate, the half-life of which is 2-3 days. This allows you to independently control the amount of the drug and, if necessary, you can quickly add or alternatively postpone the injection time in order to reduce the amount of the drug in the blood. A short ether also allows you to quickly feel the effect of the drug. Such an aether begins to operate within a day.

Durabolin-100 is widely used both for medical purposes and in sports, this is because the drug is often very well tolerated by the human body. That allows you to apply the drug without fear of side effects.

Nandrolone is a molecular-modified testosterone. Scientists have reduced the androgenic properties of the drug to about 37%, while the anabolic properties have grown to 125% of testosterone, the values of which are 100/100. The key positive properties of Durabolin-100 include: Increased protein production in muscle cells; Prevention of catabolic processes; Creating a positive nitrogen balance in muscle tissues; Increased production of red blood cells, as a result, the best saturation of the whole body with oxygen. All these properties are necessary conditions for qualitative growth of muscles and for strengthening the whole body.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate makes the athlete more hardy and strong. For therapeutic purposes, it also carries a lot of positive and allows athletes to recover from injuries faster, maintain a muscle mass of athletes who for some reason can not attend the gym.


Durabolin-100 is a pretty good drug for single use, it will give you stamina and endurance in grueling training. It can be used both during the period of mass gain, it is perfectly treated with other steroids and sometimes is used as the base steroids. Or during the preparation period, he copes wonderfully with catabolic processes caused by a strict diet.

During the recruitment period, the dosage of Deca injection is made approximately every 2-3 days, in the amount of 70-100 mg, so that the total amount of the drug per week is equal to 200-300 mg. This dosage is considered optimal for beginners. A more professional dosage is about 600 mg per week, but this dosage requires experience and knowledge about counteracting side effects. To counteract catabolic processes during the preparation and compliance with a strict diet, the dosage should be 100-150 mg per week. This will allow you to keep muscle tissue and not let them in as a fuel, under the influence of glucocorticoid hormones. Regardless of the purpose, the course should not last longer than 10 weeks.

Side efffects

  • Estrogenic. This drug has the property of being partially processed into estrogens; therefore, antiestrogens should be used, or at high dosages, aromatase inhibitors;
  • Androgenic. The drug does not show strong androgenic properties, but some of them can still arise: acne, alopecia;
  • With the use of 19-nortestosterone, oppression of the production of its own testosterone occurs, after the course it is necessary to undergo post-course therapy to restore the normal production of its own testosterone.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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