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Generic Pharma, androgenic anabolic steroids, steroids from Spain

Generic Pharma, Mar is Spanish bio-pharmacological company that specializes not only on the production of medicines, but also produces a large number of chemical compounds for domestic using. Products manufactured by Generic Pharma, Mar include:

  • Pharmacological agents for the cancer treatment;

  • Air fresheners from the company Generic Pharma, Mar;

  • Paint and varnish components for wood processing;

  • Drugs to increase male potency.

Generic Pharm was founded in 1986 in Spain. The main goal of the new company was setting up the production of anti-cancer drugs such as sarcoma and relapsing ovarian cancer.

The main difference from similar competitors was in used raw materials -- flora which was mined at sea. The main emphasis of the production and synthesis of drugs was placed on algae that were harvested in Mediterranean Sea. Products obtained for the treatment of oncology have passed all necessary tests and are successfully applied around the world.

Another success of the company is the product, used to overcome male sexual dysfunction, namely Cialis (Tadalafil) from Generic Pharma. This drug is high quality and efficiency, as well as an affordable price. Patients who use this medicine notice the complete absence of side effects and good bioavailability.