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Grindex, pharmacology, drugs, Latvia, European pharmacology

Grindex was founded in 1991 in Latvia. During the development the company acquires filial in Slovakia and Estonia, and also in 11 other countries in Europe.

Main users of the production released by this company are more than 70 countries over the world. Its heading for the European customers, USA and Canada. The biggest part of the production exports abroad (near 90%).

The main activity of Grindex is in the production, research and releasing of pharmacology products and for their manufacturing. The company and its partners emphasize their attention on the production of medicines for the cardiovascular system, cancer treatment and also for the drugs that have influence on the central nervous system productivity.

There are the most popular products of Grindex:

  • Paracetamol-Grindeks;

  • Ibuprofen-Grindeks;

  • Bromhexine-Grindeks (syrup);

  • RinodeksI;

  • Mildronate (Meldonium).

Every drug is tested by the time known as a reliable product in this domain. It allows company to get great profit that also has influence on the development and releasing of the modern technologies of manufacturing.