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  • This drug has been developed and used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia (excessive prostate enlargement). The main principle of this drug action is blocking an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme is responsible for the metabolism of testosterone in dihydrotestosterone, it is hormone that leads to the several undesirable side effects associated with its excess in the human’s more


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Hair & Skin Treatment

Skin and hair is a direct display of the state of human’s health. Problems associated with the human body immediately appear on the skin. It is extremely important to timely diagnose and treat such diseases.

This chapter of online store The Roids has all necessary drugs to support healthy looking and attractive skin and hair.

It’s not a secret that using of steroids can leads to the several undesirable effects. It’s related with androgenic side manifestations. As a rule male’s sexual hormones are responsible for these symptoms, especially testosterone and dihydrotestosterone.

By itself, testosterone practically does not cause side effects, however, when using too large dosages of drugs that contain this hormone, it interacts with several enzymes. Some of this hormone is in a free state in the body and involved in anabolic processes. Another part of testosterone interacts with an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, this enzyme metabolizes testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, this hormone is responsible for side effects such as:
Increased hair growth on the face and body;
Increased aggression.

Get rid of such undesirable manifestations completely, almost impossible, it is one of the most difficult and uncontrollable side effects that occur in the case of incorrect using of anabolic steroids.

However, there are several methods to control and prevent these symptoms:
1. Compliance with the recommended dosages specified in the instructions of drug using;
2. Enzyme control called 5 alpha reductase;
3. The use of anti-inflammatory ointments and skin care creams;
4. Compliance with the correct diet with the lowest fat amount.

During the period of active training in the set of muscle mass, as a rule, most athletes use anabolic steroids. Basically, their using is fully justified, but it is necessary to use them within reasonable limits, otherwise it can significantly spoil your appearance.

Basically, the first sign of abuse is acne. This is an extremely unpleasant disease, in some cases leads to the sad consequences in the form of purulent acne, which after themselves leave big scars. After such consequences, the appearance of the athlete leaves much to be desired.

This disease occurs due to the accumulation of a large amount of fat in the pores of the skin, such an environment becomes favorable for the reproduction of bacteria, resulting in inflammatory processes.

As a rule, this symptom is particularly susceptible to people with a genetic predisposition, but if steroids are used, this process can be greatly accelerated. The fact is that the hair follicles located on the head have an extremely high sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (testosterone metabolite). This is the cause of hair loss in the area of ​​hair.

Abundant hair growth on the body and face:
Abundant hair growth on the body and face is also an unpleasant symptom for athletes, especially for women. The fact is that testosterone is a male hormone, by its nature, it enhances the distinctive sexual characteristics such as: Muscle, hair, timbre of voice. In large quantities (if used improperly), he can “reward” a woman with male distinctive features.

Aggressive behavior:
Testosterone levels are directly related to our social behavior, it adds courage, self-confidence, improves strength. Thereby helping us to achieve a higher status among our fellow tribesmen. In the course of evolution, this is rather a big plus than a disadvantage. However, in the modern world, one should control one’s emotions. The exception may be extreme situations that require lightning-fast reaction and explosive power, as a rule, these are martial arts competitions or work with high loads.

No matter how difficult it is to control the symptoms that occur under the influence of dihydrotestosterone, it is still possible. How exactly they can withstand this business of your choice, you can restrain yourself in the diet and use reasonable dosages of drugs, or you can turn to the sports pharmacology presented in this section of our online store.