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  • Arctotropin is a pharmacological drug for injections. Its composition includes an artificially created human growth hormone named somatotropin. This hormone is absolutely identical to endogenous HGH.read more
    NEWArctotropin (HGH)

    Arctotropin (HGH)

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  • Information about drug Chorionic gonadotropic hormone – this is the full name of this drug or hCG for short – is not an anabolic steroid. More precisely, it is a protein hormone that is produced in the placenta (uterus) of...read more
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    Gonadotropin Gonasi 5000 UI

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  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is human’s hormone. There is big amount of it in pregnant women’s placenta. It can replace another important hormone – Gonadotropin. This product is very important for men, because it helps to produce testosterone in gonads.read more
    HCG Teragon Labs

    HCG Teragon Labs

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  • Serostim (Somatotropin Injections 5mg)

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  • Information about Serostim It is difficult to overestimate the importance that somatropin or growth hormone has for the human body, which has a rejuvenating effect, removes fat deposits and promotes muscle building. Growth hormone (or human growth hormone) is responsible...read more
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    Somatotropin 6mg Serostim

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  • Human’s Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the strongest non-steroidal drugs. It is natural growth and rejuvenation stimulators. This hormone, somatotropin, is the most important in the organism. It is also the most difficult in functionality. It is responsible in the forming of human’s body during we are growing. After the age when we end our growing it produces less.read more
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    Teratropin (HGH) Teragon Labs

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Human Growth Hormone & Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1

The history of using the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Initially, the conversation about using the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) was started in the 60’s. Researching were carried out in many universities around the world, especially in USA. Stanford University and Washington University explored this question in details. Two hormones – Somatotropin and Somatomedin C were the topic of analyses.

As a result, the scientists founded that using these hormones helps to treat fast many diseases and promote rejuvenation of the viscera and the body in total.

The experiments proved that regular injections of HGH rejuvenated the patient and changed them beyond recognition literally in a few weeks. Consequently their appearance and health changed for the better. Scientists were selecting the optimal way of taking this drug for a long time and finally founded two the most effective methods:

 Using the drug 3 times a week in high dose;

 Using the drug 2 times a day 6 times a week in small dose.

The first way gave good results, but there were side effects like joint pain and edema because of the high amount of drug in the blood.

The second way was licked all creations! Patients and their doctors decided that this method of using the drug was the best. There were 1 day when patient shouldn’t use the drug. That was done specially to stimulate hormone production and support the pituitary gland.

Why the second method was so effective? So, taking the drug in small doses twice a day reminds natural Somatotropin production. In human’s body this hormone is created in small doses during a day, especially during the sleep.

Researching proved the efficiency of the therapy, and this product was started to use for medicinal purposes. Also it was often used for rejuvenation of elderly people. But this therapy couldn’t be too popular – this hormone was very expensive and rare.

In 1985 the synthetic HGH was created thanks to work and diligence of several laboratories. Scientists developed the recombinant method of hormone production. This method consisted in production of the identical hormone with the help of special bacteria.

The new product was the highest quality and copied the natural hormone that consists of 191 amino acid.

So, the recombined hormone became more available and affordable. That allowed the product to get to the sports. Also doctors started to use this hormone for treatment and recovering of different injuries, many sportsmen were raised to the feet thanks to HGH. In course of time bodybuilders and powerlifters noticed the anabolic properties of HGH – and there became the new era in these kinds of sport. Athletes became more powerful and stronger, old records were beat one by one, the muscles started to grow with a crazy speed.

The influence of Somatotropin

Without exaggeration, Humans Growth Hormone is the main hormone in the human’s organism. It products in the pituitary gland, it is a small organ of internal secretion, located at the bottom of the brain. This organ is the main organ of endocrine system of our organism. Pituitary produces a lot of hormones which are responsible for regulatory processes in our body, but 50% of this organ are responsible of production exactly Somatotropin.

After elaboration, HGH enters the bloodstream, in a free state it stays there for no more than 20 minutes. This time period is required that the growth hormone is filtered out by the liver. In the liver this hormone is processed into another protein (Somatomedin C) also it is called Insulin-like Growth Factor or IGF-1.

What is IGF-1 (Somatomedin C)?

IGF-1 consists of a single polypeptide chain, a length of 70 amino acid residues. By its structure IGF-1 similar to a hormone like insulin, Somatomedin S is a hormone that is responsible for the growth and division of certain cells. Studies have shown that an increase in the amount of Somatomedin C in the blood significantly increases the level of metabolism and significantly increases the anabolic effect in the muscles, connective tissues and internal organs.

The effect of IGF-1

This hormone promotes some processes:

 to grow dry muscle mass

 to grow cartilaginous joints

Also it can heal old injuries related with the damage of the tendons and cartilages.

Thus, we can conclude that the growth hormone or IGF-1 (in its pure form) creates a positive atmosphere for the growth of muscles in the athlete, and these hormones literally cause the damaged joints to be restored. Also we can see the development of connective tissues and their strengthening, as a result of which the risk of new trauma is significantly reduced.

It is also proven that regular injections of these hormones have a positive effect on the work of the internal organs, vision and memory.

Growth hormone also participates in the process of lipolysis (splitting of fatty deposits). This process allows to lower the level of fat in the body, processing fat into energy. Also has the property of increasing the level of high density cholesterol, this cholesterol is very important because with its help the body clears the circulatory system from low density cholesterol (bad cholesterol) which is the cause of a number of cardiovascular diseases.

HGH is loved by bodybuilders because of its availability. This product can change the fat-muscle percentage to the muscles. That makes athletes more relief and powerful, but these properties of HGH can appear only in complex with strong physical activity.

This condition makes the organism to mobile all resources for adapting to the load. In result, the muscular tissues grow very fast, and thanks to development of the connective tissue, athletes add in force, which affects the effectiveness of powerlifters and strongmen.

Considering that this product has potent anabolic feature, some sportsmen can draw conclusions, that using it can be actual only during mass-increasing period, but it’s wrong. Many top-level athletes use HGH during the muscles drying. Using Somatotropin during the preparation to the competition helps to achieve nice body relief, save muscles that were gained earlier and destroy problem fat.

Effective using of HGH

Using of this hormone is the key to preparing athletes to the world level, has been used for a long time, which made it possible to compose the most effective scheme of application, which consists of several basic elements, namely:

 proper nutrition;

 good sleep;

 additional source of vitamins;

 well-formed program of training;

additional pharmacology that includes testosterone or it’s derivatives;

You can say that that with such a list, any person will turn into the muscular monster. But using Human Growth Hormone in such way your results will increase in two. HGH will make your body to absorb just about anything that you will throw it all instantly absorbed and goes on development derma that need it. But don’t forget about anabolic steroids, the course is compulsory must include at least one drug with testosterone. Here we are talking about not only anabolic effect, testosterone also helps to lay oneself out on the training, it just helps us to do everything through force and to failure.

World class athletes

It’s hard to imagine the world-known guys who don’t use exogenous HGH. In bodybuilding this drug is number one – without it no one can become the champion, it helps to become the first and returns athletes after serious injuries. The way to the victory is very complicated – it consists of the discipline and self-control, laying out to the maximum. Only thus become the first, the way is long and heavy, but it’s worth it.

Where can you buy the HGH?

The products with Somatotropin and Somatomedin C gain their popularity on the world market of sports pharma. Unfortunately, that instigates foul dillers to sell fake products with questionable quality. Basically, lairs sell their merchandise at the low price. Important to understand, that this group of drugs is a result of high-tech researching. So, the original product can’t have a low price. Cheapness and unknown brand are the signs of forgery.

You can buy an original high-quality product in our store. We don’t sell many different brands, we appreciate our reputation and work only with factory production.

Getting these drugs in our Online Store ROIDTEST you will definitely feel all positive features of the original product, because the factory strictly keeps tabs on every technological process.

Growth hormone drugs or HGH, are recombinant analogs of a natural hormone, produced by the frontal part of the human pituitary gland. They got their name due to their ability to positively influence all body systems: they are responsible for the growth and regeneration of cells, including muscle and bone tissues, and support their normal functioning. Nowadays, the drugs are produced by the companies producing sports pharmaceuticals in Canada and many other countries, and it should be noted that the demand for them increases every year.

What are human growth hormones and why do we need them: main properties and how to use them

Various HGH supplements gained the greatest popularity in the circle of bodybuilders wishing to burn subcutaneous fat as much as possible, to make their body relief by passing a course to gain muscle mass solo or in combination with other drugs. These drugs are versatile because, in addition to muscle growth, they can have a positive impact on the human body in various manifestations:

  • speed up the process of tissue regeneration due to what hormones are connected in the treatment of severe burns and injuries;
  • slow down the process of muscle fiber destruction (catabolism);
  • have a significant rejuvenating effect;
  • increase immunity;
  • provide a quick recovery after workouts;
  • strengthen bones, ligaments and joints.

In the training of male athletes in bodybuilding, such courses of hormones are simply indispensable. They help to gain lean muscle mass quickly, strengthen ligaments and tendons, and thus significantly reduce injuries. In addition, there is a noticeable increase in strength and endurance, which means that training can be more intense and prolonged. Such preparations perfectly cope with human growth hormone deficiency in children and adults, improve metabolism, promote muscle, bone and soft tissue growth, and improve overall health.

Before giving injections for muscle building, it is necessary to get acquainted with the way of application and strictly follow the dosage specified by the manufacturer. The dose may differ depending on the desired result and, actually, on the drug used. During drying and gaining muscles athletes use different schemes, but in most cases, the basic one is used: the first month one injection of 2 IU per day, after that the dose increases to 2,5 IU, and from the sixth week the hormone is injected in two injections per day, with increasing dosage from 3 IU to 10 IU per day.

What is a human chorionic gonadotropin

During the steroid cycle, according to the principle of negative feedback, gonadoliberin synthesis is completely suppressed, and as a consequence, endogenous testosterone production is completely stopped, spermatogenesis is impaired, and testicular size is reduced. Therefore, when coming off the steroid cycle, athletes use HCG in order to boost endogenous testosterone synthesis and regain their former size.