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  • Information about the drug Oxandrolone is a light steroid with a mild effect. For this reason, many novice athletes are sure that this drug cannot be effective in bodybuilding. In practice, this is not the case. With the correct more
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    Anavar Teragon Labs Injectable

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  • Andropen is a powerful drug of anabolic and androgenic nature. This is a mixture of testosterone esters, which provides the steroid with a long-lasting effect due to the uniform, alternating entry into the blood of testosterone detachable from the corresponding ester. An ether is a hydrocarbon chain that attaches to an anabolic steroid molecule to give it specific characteristics: the time it enters the blood and is more
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    Andropen 300

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  • The testosterone base is a crystalline powder of pure testosterone. This is a pristine substance, which is the very first version of the injectable male sex hormone. A distinctive feature of this product is that the composition does not include ether, that is, this drug has no deferments in action and disintegrates in the blood as quickly as natural more
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    Aquatest 100

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  • Arctotropin is a pharmacological drug for injections. Its composition includes an artificially created human growth hormone named somatotropin. This hormone is absolutely identical to endogenous more
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    Arctotropin (HGH)

    $ 365.00 CAD$ 1,665.00 CAD$ 365.00 CAD - $ 1,665.00 CAD
  • The drug was created for using in vet industry, scientists tried to make it similar to methandrostenolone – it explains its molecular conformity. But it got another characters. The molecular structure of boldenone resembles the male hormone, but thanks to only one change, the androgenic activity of the drug was significantly more
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    Bold-250 Teragon Labs

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  • Boldabol 200, Equipoiseis commercial name of the well-known drug Boldenone that is androgenic anabolic steroid. In fact, it is a derivative substance of testosterone that reminds methandrostenolone by the structure. In the sport this drug came from veterinary medicine, where it is used and at the present time for rapid weight gaining in farm more
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    Boldabol 200

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  • Boldenone Undecylenoate is one of the most favorite products that used over the world. Its popularity was deserved because of the loyalty to athlete’s body, but also long-term and smooth effect. This drug combines well with products based on testosterone in injections and also for oral more
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    Boldabol 300

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  • Deca Durabolin Injection for male athletes is one of the most effective drugs for gaining muscle mass. With virtually no side effects and any risks, it greatly contributes to the growth of strength indicators. Nandrolone Decanoate is an androgenic anabolic steroid in an injectable form. This tool has a similar structure with testosterone, the difference is the absence of a carbon atom in the 19th position. This modification allowed to reduce the androgenic effect up to 30% of pure testosterone, but the anabolic properties were increased by half, up to more
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    Deca Durabolin 250

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  • Information about the drug Decabol-250 (Nandrolone) androgenic anabolic steroid is available in injectable form. It has a fairly strong and relatively long anabolic effect. It is used in strength and mass-gaining courses or simply for general strengthening of the body, more
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    Decabol 250

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  • Decabol-300 (Nandrolone) androgenic anabolic steroid is available in injectable form. It has a fairly strong and relatively long anabolic effect. It is used in strength and mass-gaining courses or simply for general strengthening of the body, from strengthening immune defense to improving the functioning of joints. At different dosages, Decabol 300 can be recommended for beginners or experienced more
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    Decabol 300

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  • Decabol-250 (Nandrolone) is an androgenic anabolic steroid possessing a number of specific properties that make it extremely desirable in the first-aid kit of every bodybuilder or powerlifter. This product was developed in the early 60s to treat patients suffering weight loss, caused by infectious diseases, or after the surgery, also for rehabilitation after the more
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    Decabol blend

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  • Information about the drug The drug was created in laboratory conditions in the United States in the sixties of the twentieth century. Initially, it was used as a drug to restore the skin for burns, as well as for more
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    Dianabol Injectable Teragon Labs

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  • Durabolin-100, Deca, Deca Durabolin — all these names are commercial and speak of one drug Nandrolone. The only difference can be only the dosage and the ether that is included in the preparation. Ether is a very important part of injection steroid preparations, since it is a regulator. Ether allows the steroid to flow smoothly into the bloodstream, in equal portions, creating a uniform anabolic background. This leads to a smooth and stable more
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  • Description Information about the drug: Fina-100 is commercial name of Trenbolone acetate. It is one of the most powerful products common user can buy. Trenbolone is a powerful anabolic steroid which was initially used in veterinary medicine to increase more
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    Fina 100

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  • Information about drug Chorionic gonadotropic hormone – this is the full name of this drug or hCG for short – is not an anabolic steroid. More precisely, it is a protein hormone that is produced in the placenta (uterus) more
    NEWGonadotropin Gonasi 5000 UI

    Gonadotropin Gonasi 5000 UI

    $ 74.00 CAD$ 189.00 CAD$ 578.00 CAD$ 74.00 CAD - $ 578.00 CAD
  • Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is human’s hormone. There is big amount of it in pregnant women’s placenta. It can replace another important hormone – Gonadotropin. This product is very important for men, because it helps to produce testosterone in more
    HCG Teragon Labs

    HCG Teragon Labs

    $ 58.00 CAD$ 840.00 CAD$ 58.00 CAD - $ 840.00 CAD
  • Masteron 100 is one of the many commercial names under which Drostanolone is sold. This is an androgenic anabolic steroid, in its structure resembling dihydrotestosterone. In medicine, it has been used to treat breast cancer in women, as it has the properties to inhibit an enzyme called aromatose. This enzyme contributes to the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, thereby causing a number of side more
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    Masteron 100

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  • This tool is available in injection form, it consists of one of the most common ethers Enanthate.This ether has a half-life of 5-6 days. This allows you to effectively regulate the saturation of your body and any drug with this ether.Ethers enables a gentle spliting of atoms Drostanolone. Thereby maintaining an equal amount of substance in the blood, throughout the more
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    Masteron-200 Teragon Labs

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  • Nandrolone androgenic, anabolic steroid drug. It was first introduced in 1962. Since then, it has been intensively used in medicine and sports. In its chemical nature, it is very similar to testosterone, but has been modified. The modification gave a good result, namely it was possible to increase anabolic properties in comparison with pure testosterone. Androgenic properties of the drug could be reduced to about 30%. This made it possible to reduce the likelihood of androgenic side more
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    Nandrolone Decanoate

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  • Parabolan is an androgenic anabolic steroid drug, which includes Trenbolone. This name is known to many athletes, because many of them it made really great. The drug has high anabolic and androgenic indices, which exceeds natural testosterone five times. Trenbolone in this drug is bound to an ester Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, it greatly simplifies the use of this product , because the half-life is 6-7 days. This suggests that you can take (prick) the drug once a week, while not feeling a lack of active more
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  • Primobol 100 injectable, anabolic steroid. It is characterized by a fairly mild action on the body of flight, well suited for use in preparation for performances. A distinctive feature is that the drug does not cause neither androgenic nor estrogenic side effects (at a moderate dosage). It has the property of increasing the susceptibility of the body to other steroid preparations, provided that Primobol 100 is added to a more complex more
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    Primobol 100

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  • Primobolan is an injectable form of the drug, which is an ester of methenolone enanthate. The injection form has a long period of action (due to the gradual transition of the drug from muscle to blood), approximately two weeks. The duration of action of Primobolan is similar to Testosterone enanthate. The main disadvantage of this form is the pain of injections. Injectable acetate with a short half-life of up to about two days is less more
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    Primobolan 100

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  • Serostim (Somatotropin Injections 5mg)

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  • Stanobol is also known as Winstrol Depot – these names are commercial, the international one is Stanozolol. It has injective form of the popular androgenic anabolic steroids. It is white crystal powder that should be watered with injective liquid. It applies intramuscularly and has fast and strong more
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    Stanobol 50

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  • Injection drug for intramuscular use. Stanozolol is also known as Winstrol Depot. Androgenic anabolic steroid with powerful characteristics that significantly exceed testosterone. In this case, the drug was obtained with fewer side effects. The drug is very versatile, used in many sports, affects a large number of processes in the more


    $ 257.00 CAD$ 1,180.00 CAD$ 257.00 CAD - $ 1,180.00 CAD
  • Sustanon is one of the most complex preparations. Injection, anabolic, androgenic steroid for intramuscular use. It consists of pure testosterone, which in different amounts is connected to four different in terms of half-life, more
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    Sustanon-250 Teragon labs

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  • The T-400 is far from the first and not the only product in its category. Mixtures of testosterone esters have long been actively used by athletes around the world. However, initially they were developed exclusively for medicinal use. How medications are prescribed to men, for example, with a decrease in libido, impotence, eunuchoidism and sexual more
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  • Testosteron is main male’s anabolic hormone. It makes men strong, powerful and hardy. It also forms secondary sexual characteristics: Shaping of skeleton; Muscle volume; Hair on the body. Teraplex is difficult combination of 5 ethers with different half-life. Testosterone was added to every of these ethers. It is strong drug that starts action in 2 hours and then acts to 10 days. User shouldn’t track the amount of the drug, make regular injections. All such work is made by more
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  • Human’s Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the strongest non-steroidal drugs. It is natural growth and rejuvenation stimulators. This hormone, somatotropin, is the most important in the organism. It is also the most difficult in functionality. It is responsible in the forming of human’s body during we are growing. After the age when we end our growing it produces more
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    Teratropin (HGH) Teragon Labs

    $ 58.00 CAD$ 840.00 CAD$ 58.00 CAD - $ 840.00 CAD
  • Testabol Depot is the market name for a simple but very effective drug Testosterone Cypionate. One of the most common esters of testosterone. Cypionate has a half-life of 6-7 days. This indicates that during this time (week) you will not need to do extra injections. Convenience in application, predictability of reaction, natural principle of action. Simplicity and accessibility.  read more
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    Testabol Depot British Dragon

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  • Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most popular drugs in Europe with testosterone. Physicians all over the world use the anabolic property of the male hormone, it participates in the recovery processes, helps in the development of lagging children, prevents weight loss in bedridden patients. Also, the hormone testosterone is often used in hormone replacement therapy. This allows you to restore the male potency and rejuvenate the entire body as a more
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    Testabol enanthate

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  • Propionate is one of the fastest esters that is used in preparations with testosterone. This ether is not very popular with beginning athletes, as it requires skills and more complex schemes of application. It allows you to start the process of saturation with testosterone the next day. Professionals often use short testosterone esters, because during the use, you can quickly adjust the amount of the more
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    Testabol Propionate 100

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  • Testex 250, like many steroid preparations, gives the athlete a lot of positive factors that, combined with each other, create an environment in which muscles grow faster. The main such factors include the ability to increase the number of blood cells (erythrocytes). These cells provide our body with oxygen, the more oxygen the better the athlete's performance. In the process of physical activity, the body consumes more oxygen, if this amount is increased with the help of more red blood cells, then the athlete can work longer, his power endurance more
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    Testex 250

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  • Testosterone has a number of necessary properties for the healthy condition of a man, namely: It keeps the body calcium and potassium, is responsible for phosphorus metabolism and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. These properties strengthen the bones and allow the muscles to properly develop and more
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  • Testoprop-100 is made from natural testosterone, ether and oily base. It is made It is made in injective form and has fast period of action. Its distinctive features are simplicity in using and fast discharge from the organism, the product starts to act very fast and takes part in several biochemical more
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    Testoprop 100

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  • Testosterone Cypionate is a pure testosterone supplemented with Cypionate ester. This is the longest testosterone ester available to apply. The active period of this drug is approximately 15-16 days, and the half-life in the organism is 6-8 days. This medication is available as an oily liquid for injection. Cypionate ester is very convenient for use, since only 1 injection per week is enough to maintain the necessary level of drug in the more

    Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg 10 ml

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  • Testoviron-250 is an androgenic anabolic drug, the main component of which is testosterone with an ester attached to it. The drug contains the main male hormone, which is responsible for the development of all male more
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  • Trenbolin, Tren, Fina-100 are the most popular names of the Trenbolone on the area. The active substance of the drug is androgenic anabolic steroid in 5 times more powerful then natural testosterone. It is very strong product with many positive properties and low probability of side effects more
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  • Fina-100 is commercial name of Trenbolone. It is one of the most powerful products common user can buy. Trenbolone Acetate is the name of the active substance trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate in esterified form in combination with acetate essential oil, which makes it possible to reduce the half-life of the steroid to three days, so the product can be used in short courses of steroids. In addition to ether acetate, there are two more forms of enanthate and the so-called tri-tren (mix of trenbolones), each of them has a different period of action, trenbolone acetate is the most more
    NEWTrenbolone Acetate (Fina 100)

    Trenbolone Acetate (Fina 100)

    $ 78.00 CAD
  • Trenbolin, Tren, Fina-100 are the most popular names of the Trenbolone on the area. Trenbolone Enanthate is a modern steroid drug. It is based on the active substance Trenbolone (parabolan) with the binding of the enanthate ester. The drug has a number of universal functions that make it one of the main steroids used by athletes in the pre-competition more
    NEWTrenbolone Enanthate (trenabolin)

    Trenbolone Enanthate (trenabolin)

    $ 105.00 CAD
  • TriTren is anabolic androgenic steroid. The main active substance is Trenbolone, in this medicine it contains 3 different esters. Thanks to difficult composition TriTren is the most effective in using then more
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    TriTren 150 Teragon labs

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  • Information about drug Testosterone suspension is a solution of the hormone in water and belongs to the class of androgenic-anabolic steroids. This is the only form of the male hormone from which the etheric residue is not released. It more
    NEW Sale! Unitest Testosterone Suspension Vial

    Unitest Testosterone Suspension Vial

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  • Rimobolan (Primobolan)

    $ 17.00 CAD$ 147.00 CAD$ 17.00 CAD - $ 147.00 CAD
  • Sustanon 250 Aspen

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  • Testosterone Cypionate is a drug that contains long ether, the half-life of which is 6-7 days. For the first time a drug with such a long ether appeared in the distant 1950. And it was used to treat men with a deficiency of androgens, as well as prescribed medication prescribed for patients who experienced rapid loss of weight. Properties of drugs based on testosterone help a lot of sick people now, mainly this recovery after heavy surgery and large more
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  • Deca, Decabol, Deca Durabolin are all commercial names for Nandrolone, which includes Decanoate ester. This product is sold in injection form, for intramuscular use. Due to the fact that the composition includes one of the longest ethers, this product is very popular among athletes. Decanoate allows you to inject only once in 7-8 days. This is a very convenient option for the athlete, regardless of his more
    NEWDeca Durabolin Oragon

    Deca Durabolin Organon

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  • Information about drug Chorionic gonadotropic hormone – this is the full name of this drug or hCG for short – is not an anabolic steroid. More precisely, it is a protein hormone that is produced in the placenta (uterus) more
    NEWGonadotropin Gonasi 5000 UI

    Gonadotropin Gonasi 5000 UI

    $ 74.00 CAD$ 189.00 CAD$ 578.00 CAD$ 74.00 CAD - $ 578.00 CAD
  • Omnadren has difficult composition and action, the main component is testosterone, but some esters were added -- four esters with different half-life. Nice feature of this drug is that it starts to act on the next day and continues for 10 more
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    Omnadren Testosterone blend

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  • Information about the drug Sustanon is in good demand in the sports pharmacology market. It is a testosterone containing steroid that is used for mass gain, similar to Enanthate and Cypionate. However, between these anabolic steroids there is a more

    Sustanon 250 Organon

    $ 13.00 CAD$ 13.00 CAD - $ 13.00 CAD
  • Testosterone Enanthate is a powerful anabolic steroid for injections. This drug is considered one of the most popular steroids for gaining muscle mass among many athletes around the whole world. This drug is a long-acting steroid due to the presence of Enanthate ester. The average duration of Testosterone Enanthate is 2–3 weeks. Therefore, one injection per week is enough to maintain a high and stable concentration of the drug in the more
    NEWTestosterone Enanthate 250 mg 10 ml

    Testosterone Enanthate 250 mg 10 ml

    $ 13.15 CAD$ 105.00 CAD$ 13.15 CAD - $ 105.00 CAD
  • Testosteron Enanthateis an androgenic anabolic steroid, an artificial analogue of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is added with an ester that delays the release of this hormone into the blood. This ether provides a uniform flow of drug molecules into the blood during the more
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    Testoviron depot

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  • Testosterone (2 vials in package) with the addition of ether propionate is one of the most popular drugs in modern hormone therapy. One of the shortest esters (propionate) allows you to maintain the required amount of the drug in the blood as accurately as possible. This is due to the fact that ether has a fast half-life, which is equal to 24 more


    $ 27.00 CAD$ 105.00 CAD$ 27.00 CAD - $ 105.00 CAD
  • Trenbolone Acetate is a powerful anabolic, androgenic drug that many athletes consider to be the best among the existing ones. This drug uses the shortest Acetate ester, the half-life is 24 hours, and the effect of the injection occurs within two hours. It is expressed in a surge of strength and more
    NEW Sale! Ultrafina-100

    Ultrafina 100

    $ 32.00 CAD$ 29.00 CAD
  • Boldenone Undecylenoate is powerful and safe for beginners and experienced users of sports pharmacology. Boldenone is an androgenic anabolic steroid with a good combination of anabolic and androgenic characteristics of 100/50 of pure more
    NEW Sale! Ultraboldenone-300

    Ultraboldenone 300

    $ 32.00 CAD$ 29.00 CAD
  • Testosteron Cypionate is a well-known and versatile and predictable product in sports circles. In this preparation, the complex (long) ether Cypionate is attached to testosterone, which can rightly be considered a leader in use in the United States and Canada. This tool is used as the only one on the course and in the most sophisticated AAS more
    NEW Sale! Ultracypionate-300

    Ultracypionate 300

    $ 29.00 CAD$ 26.00 CAD
  • Ultradeca - 300 is a commercial name from the company ULTRA, the drug is based on the well-known Nandrolone Decaonate. The drug is an androgenic, anabolic steroid with a mild but effective action. This product was first introduced in 1962 and since then has become the basis of pharmacological support for athletes of many types of controversy. Due to its characteristics, it is perfect for both novice athletes and more
    NEW Sale! Ultradeca-300

    Ultradeca 300

    $ 32.00 CAD$ 29.00 CAD
  • Ultraenanthate-300 is a testosterone-based androgenic anabolic steroid with the addition of Enanthate long ester. This broadcast is very popular in European countries. The half-life of this ester is 5-6 days, which means that the injection should be done once every 5-7 days, although professional bodybuilders prefer to give injections twice a week, but with a lower more
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    Ultraenanthate 300

    $ 29.00 CAD$ 26.00 CAD

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  • Ultramasteron - 100 androgenic, anabolic steroid with several advantages compared with other drugs of this class. Drostanolone Propionate does not have super-powerful characteristics, its anabolic / androgenic index is 62/25 of pure testosterone. However, using it with more powerful steroids, you can achieve better quality powerful drugs, while not fearing for estrogenic side more
    NEW Sale! Ultramasteron-100

    Ultramasteron 100

    $ 30.00 CAD$ 27.00 CAD
  • Ultraprimobolan - 100 This is one of the safest in terms of adverse effects and mildly acting on the body of drugs that can now be purchased on the world market. Androgenic, anabolic steroid (a derivative of dihydrotestosterone) whose active ingredient is Methenolone, the steroid profile of which is anabolic 88% androgenic 44% of natural more
    NEW Sale! Ultraprimobolan-100

    Ultraprimobolan 100

    $ 40.00 CAD$ 35.00 CAD
  • Ultrapropionate-100 is a testosterone-based drug with Propionate ester attached to it. This broadcast is one of the fastest with a half-life of 24 hours. This suggests that the injection of this tool should be done daily or every other day but with a higher more
    NEW Sale! Ultrapropionate-100

    Ultrapropionate 100

    $ 26.00 CAD$ 23.00 CAD
  • Ultrasuspension-100 in the composition of the drug is the purest testosterone, without esters and extra additives. In fact, you get Testosterone Suspension white crystalline powder. Preparation of the mixture for injection occurs immediately before the injection, by mixing the powder with injectable water. This form of testosterone is the first and was first produced back in the 30s of the last more
    NEW Sale! Ultrasuspension-100

    Ultrasuspension 100

    $ 26.00 CAD$ 23.00 CAD
  • Ultrasustanon-250 is one of the most common drugs, which contains several esters in the composition. The balance of ethers of different half-lives is made to increase the effectiveness of the drug, since it contains fast and long-lasting ethers. This composition helps to get almost instantaneous jump of the hormone in the blood and maintain it at a uniform level until the decomposition of the longest more
    NEW Sale! Ultrasustanon-250

    Ultrasustanon 250

    $ 29.00 CAD$ 26.00 CAD

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  • Ultratren - 200 powerful androgenic anabolic agent that has a pronounced effect. This drug Trenbolone Enanthate is one of the most powerful to date, it surpasses natural testosterone 5 times in its characteristics. Thanks to Enanthate, this drug has a rather long-lasting effect on the user's body, the half-life of this ether is 5-6 days, but given the chemical characteristics of Trenbolone, the active effect of the drug lasts for 10 more
    NEW Sale! Ultratren-200

    Ultratren 200

    $ 36.50 CAD$ 33.00 CAD
  • Ultratritren is a 150 complex drug that includes three different half-life of esters. This combination of esters made it possible to make a product of prolonged action which is quite simple to administer and use. The most powerful androgenic, anabolic steroid Trenbolone is available in several forms: Acetate, Enanthate and Trenbolone - Mix. But it is the mixture of different esters that allows you to get the result literally two hours after the injection and feel the effect of the drug up to two more
    NEW Sale! Ultratritren 150

    Ultratritren 150

    $ 36.50 CAD$ 33.00 CAD
  • Winstrol Depot is anabolic androgenic steroid drug. The injective form is one of the most popular ways of using drugs during the preparation. It is available for men and women. Stanozolol in injections has better characters then its analogs in tabs because it is not subjected to the influence of the digestive system. It helps to save more active components and has less negative influence to the more

    Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol)

    $ 28.00 CAD$ 25.00 CAD


Injectable form of using steroids is one of the most effective ways. Creating the ether helps to slow releasing of the drug into the blood, so also allows make injection less often. It isn’t necessary to make painful injections every day, some ether let to make injection once in 10-15 days. This method of using steroids is very convenient.

Testosterone and its derivatives are usually the base of the androgenic anabolic steroids production. This hormone is anabolic and pushes athlete’s muscles to grow.

Testosterone influences to the many process in the organism. It takes part in metabolism process, helps to assimilate proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Testosterone also awakes ambition to do something, helps to stay strong and endurance in everyday life, helps to overcome the laziness, making us to train more and more.

Testosterone allows the organism to accumulate more energy as glycogen, compound glucose. In this way it gets more resources from meal, but accumulates less fat. It lets to change fat-muscles correlation in favor of muscles.

Natural production of testosterone is related with some processes that in the result lead to the natural production of this hormone. The peak of healthy man’s testosterone production is from 16 years old to 25, after that period endogenous hormone level starts to decrease.

Action on the human’s organism

Our body is balanced and complex system. Hormones are responsible for its correct work. During the youth hormones are on the peak of their productivity – organism survives the load well, digests food and fights diseases.

When the level of hormones decreases, organism reacts with some symptoms. To support correct hormones level, synthesized in labs hormones are used in medicine. It helps to maintain human’s body in healthy condition up to old age.

Testosterone is main male’s hormone, its decreasing is noticed by 30 years old. Adult men notice chronic fatigue, increasing of fat percentage in the body, the desire to do everyday things disappears.

How to increase testosterone level at home?

Physical activity, sleep and nutrition have influence on the androgens production.

Regular trainings let to keep organism in good condition, provide with force and energy. Physical loads make endocrine system works correctly.

Nutrition should be healthy, contains many vegetables and fruits that supply organism with vitamins. Fish and meat are also should be in diet – there are many irreplaceable amino acids that take part in hormone production. But fat is a testosterone killer! If you want to improve appearance, health and quality of mass, you firstly should escape of excess fat in the organism.

During the intensive trainings androgens are our main helpers, allow us to develop physically and add endurance. Building really big volumes can’t happen only thanks to good nutrition and intensive exercises. Every professional use anabolic steroids – just these drugs allow growing muscles on your bones.

Sure, you can train without steroids. But the result was slowly, volumes will not be so big.

Many sportsmen expose their bodies with heavy weight trying to improve results, but that usually causes injures.

Applying of steroids helps to avoid injures and sometimes for treating, activating protective properties of our body and resources for faster damage repairing.

AAS has property to accumulate a little amount of water in the organism, so synovial liquid produces in joints preferably, saving them from injures during the work with heavy loads. Joints save their functionality and help to deteriorate less.

Steroids in sports

AAS are used in all kinds of sport during the most difficult stage of preparation. Useful properties of these drugs are used not only in bodybuilding and powerlifting. Steroids increase strong indicators and brain work, this property helps to reach nice muscles and increase endurance fast.

There are big amount of injectable drugs, some of them help to gain muscles, other one add power and endurance. Thanks to directed effect steroids are used for increasing determined sportsmen’s characteristics. One of the most valuable feature is improving athlete’s sporting opportunities without changing weight. It is very important in such kinds of sport, where weight category takes part. Applying of androgenic anabolic steroids in sports gives advantages over other sportsmen who don’t use pharmacological products.

Sportsmen who use steroids become better then opponents, one of the most qualitative properties of these products are their ability to add also self-confidence, increase desire to win.

Long difficult trainings become easier, rehabilitation become faster, all these factors let human become more powerful and stronger psychologically.

Where and how steroids can be purchased?

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Injectable steroids and their characteristics

Like any other anabolics, such substances help burn subcutaneous fat, increase muscle mass, reduce the recovery time of the body, etc. Among the advantages of injectable drugs are:

  • minimal load on the liver;
  • increased intensity (many effective drugs are available only in the form of injections);
  • the mild active substance, which is perfectly accepted by the human body;
  • minimal side effects (but here it is important to make a competent course);
  • a wide range of products (it is possible to find drugs for different purposes, there are substances with long-term and short-term action).

It is worth noting that the same drug – injectable and oral (even with the same dosage) has different effects on the body. This should be taken into account before starting a course of steroids.

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Injectable preparations for gaining mass are steroids in the form of liquid or oily injectable composition, which are synthetic esters of testosterone that completely duplicate the action of the natural hormone. A weight gain product significantly increases the content of anabolic hormones in the blood, which accelerates the synthesis of protein in the cells. The result is an intensive buildup of muscle mass and increased strength levels. Similar to tablets, steroid injections also have an androgenic effect.

But unlike tableted anabolics, steroid injections do not need to be used frequently. On average, once every 1-2 days, depending on the length of the ester (enanthate, propionate, decanoate, etc.). Also, the solution does not come into contact with the mucosa and does not exacerbate GI problems, if there is a history of them in athletes.

Often people have a negative view of weight gain products, looking at the results of improper use by others. According to studies, when used correctly, 95% of people face no complications, and reversible side effects from steroid injections overtake only 4% of those who use them. The main rule is a strict dosage and correct “exit” from the course. You can also buy growth hormone injections in liquid form, which, when combined with conventional steroids, will produce an astonishing weight gain.