Omnadren Testosterone blend

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Jelfa Pharmaceutical, steroids from Poland, anabolic, European

Jelfa – this name is assonant with high standards and European quality. It is continuous and persistent growth, staff development and well-established production. In the combination of these factors we get products that effectively treat the customer and used not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

Polish company Jelfa Pharmaceutical products wide range of medicines that have been tested by the next regulatory authorities:

  • MHRA;

  • EMEA;

  • FDA.

There are various ways of applying: ointments, tablets, injections, chewable tablets, capsules, suspensions, creams. The company produces more than 120 types of medicines and more than 15 types of vitamin and mineral complexes. Jelfa also produces anabolic steroids.

Easily recognizable drugs in Europe presented by Jelfa Pharmaceutical:

  • Carbo medicinalis VP (drugs for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract);

  • Polfungicid (antifungal agents);

  • Omnadren 250 (anabolic steroid with prolonged action);

  • Asprocol (antiviral agents);

  • Chlorchinaldin VP (anti-inflammatory agents for the treatment of mucous membranes).

Any of the products produced by this company provides a quick and high-quality effect. With regards to steroid drugs, they are often used in the post-operative period as well as for hormone replacement therapy, this indicates the high quality of this group of drugs.