Northern Pharma


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$350.00 CAD - $1,625.00 CAD
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Northern Pharma, Canada, Human Growth Hormone, HGH

Northern Pharma is Canadian pharmaceutical company owned by individuals. The main activity of the company is in the development and implementation of sports pharmacology.

Production of anabolic steroids, Human Growth Hormone (somatotropin), drugs for losing weight and increasing male potency.

Products of this brand can be found both in the United States and Canada, and in many EU countries.

Leaders of this brand’s sales are the following drugs:

  • Arctotropin 105 IU Northern Pharma;

  • Northern Pharma Primobolan;

  • Trenbolone Acetate;

  • Northern pharma anavar 20.

These drugs help Northern Pharma to conquer a certain segment of the market, since many professional athletes preferred this brand. A wide range of products allows you to completely meet the athlete’s needs at all stages of preparation for the competition.

 The original pack and several degrees of protection allow you to avoid counterfeiting, which is extremely important to achieve a good sporting result, which is necessary preparing athletes of the highest level.