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Information about the drug

Omnadren has difficult composition and action, the main component is testosterone, but some esters were added — four esters with different half-life. Nice feature of this drug is that it starts to act on the next day and continues for 10 days.

This medicine is used in sports for a long time already. Like another drugs with testosterone in the composition, Omnadren has many positive characters: Mass growth; Increased strength indicators; Good appetite; Fast reestablish after the training; Increasing the erythrocytes level; Saving positive balance of Nitric oxide; Nice endurance; Positive influence to the joints.

Drugs based on testosterone improve general condition of the organism and help muscle and power developing, also help athlete to reestablish after the training. In bodybuilding often used drugs based on the one ester to feel its action fully. The drug gets into the blood and its level does not change during the half-life.

But the situation with Omnadren differs a little – its action starts in 12 hours and then increases, because the first one has 30 mg of the medicine, than 2 esters with the dosage 60 mg. Sportsman feels adding of the energy and power. The last one contains the biggest amount of testosterone – 100 mg. The level of it becomes maximal, it makes muscles grow. Athlete gets gradual effect till the half-life of the last ester – usually it is a week.

During the period of action athlete gets enough amount of testosterone to create great anabolic processes.


The drug is used by bodybuilders and weightlifters. In bodybuilding it used during the off-season. It helps to gain mass. In combination with good nutrition and training schedule athlete can have great weight increase, but the mass will not be really dry because the drug saves water on the organism. It increases the amount of blood in the body, so tissues bath with blood better. Nutrients and Oxygen fall into the body too. It promotes fast growth of muscles.

The drug is strong enough and can be used singly on the course. It is the best for difficult and hard programs where it can be matched with other steroids.

The dosage depends on many factors and chooses individually. Usually it is from 250mg to 600mg a week. The injection should be once in 7-9 days because the drug can be accelerated in the organism.

As usual, the course longs 6-8 weeks, than necessary to pass post-course therapy.

Side effects

  • Androgenic: Baldness, increased level of aggression, acne;
  • Estrogenic: product can aromatize, so better use anti-estrogens or aromatase inhibitors;
  • Omnadren has influence on the natural testosterone providing. After long term using glands stop providing of the sexual hormones in the former amount. To reestablish pass the post-course therapy.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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Testosterone: Isohexanoate 60 mg/ml; Hexanoate 100 mg/ml


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