Adrenosterone 50MG

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Anabol BD

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Anapolone (Oxymetholone) DP

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Anavar 20 Teragon Labs

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APO-Furosemide (Furosemide USP) 40MG

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Arimidex (Anastrozole 1mg)

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Cialis Teragon Labs

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Clen 50 Teragon Labs

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The history of using steroids

The using of this drug started in medicine in the beginning of last century. Many experiments and improving of this group of drugs were done. The first goals for pharmacists were effectiveness and safeness of using. Firstly artificially created hormones were used for hormone replacement therapy. Medicines explored that the lack or the surplus of hormones is responsible for many illnesses. Having an opportunity to control its amount artificially, doctors could treat some diseases. Hormones also control our physical mood during the day. They help to cope with physical activity and can mobilize resources to overcome sudden load.

Testosterone is main anabolic hormone. It is human sexual hormone that is responsible for men’s body shaping during the growth period. The formation of the skeleton, muscles, hair and genitals occurs thanks to androgens.

Applying of androgens in the medicine

Hormone replacement therapy is a way of treating with hormones. It applied when the organism can’t provide necessary lever of hormones, so artificially synthesized hormones input to the patient’s
organism. It helps to recover correct balance, helping to develop and function in the right way.

Anabolic steroids also used for patients after difficult operations, who need fast regeneration of muscles. Steroids often used by people who lose weight fast.

Applying of steroids in sport

Estimating the influence of such steroid drugs they started to be using in sports too. Steroids help sportsmen to recover after rehabilitation, after injures and save athlete’s muscles and energy. But sometimes hard injures can’t pass without a trace, so steroids and rehabilitation aren’t enough. Human growth hormone is used in such cases. It can fully recover every tissue of the organism, even cartilaginous and bony tissues. This hormone with androgenic anabolic steroids will help you to cover even the most hard and difficult injures.

Androgenic steroids are drugs that in conjunction with rehabilitation also help to improve sport’s results of every athlete, increasing power, speed, reaction and celebration.

Sportsman who trains hardly, has good nutrition and motivation, but does not use steroid drugs will always cede to another athlete, who use drugs, but sometimes miss trainings. It is steroids’ work – to distribute resources of the organism correctly, giving the maximal power in the right moment.

Oral or injectable form of using steroids

Steroids affects equally to the human’s body regardless to the way of using. They differ only in the way of using and influence to the liver and other internals. As a rule anabolic steroids have really hard effect to the liver and digestive tract. They should be using only following the instruction.

Main advantages of the tablet steroids

Steroids in tablets have some advantages helping sportsmen and coaches find the best way of applying. Tablet form of anabolic steroids gives an opportunity to:

        - Choose necessary dose more accurately;
        - Abolish the drug fast;
        - Add new tablet medicines to the course;
        - Oral AAS are very convenient in using, don’t need difficult procedures.

As a rule, positive advantages of tablet form are main arguments for new sportsmen, letting them to know the action of steroids on the bodybuilder’s organism better.

An opportunity to correct the course fast is appreciated by skilled sportsmen too. The replacement of the drugs allows using of several products alternately, saving the effectiveness of using, but does not let the organism to get used to the drug. Habituation decreases the effectiveness, appears the need to increase the dose. In the result, internal organs work more intensively, but the effect does not match the load.

Medicines in this section have different dosage, from the smallest to the professional. This option is nice for every athlete in spite of the experience, gender and weight.

Oral steroids have special importance for women. It is very necessary for women to watch the reaction of the body. Female’s organism is more susceptible to the steroids. In the case of the smallest change in hormones, women’s body can suddenly reacted, even not the best way. So, oral steroids are more preferred for women. They allow changing the dose and refuse the applying fast if it’s necessary.

Interaction with internal organs

Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS) have such influence on the body as natural hormones. They’re responsible for many processes in the organism. After many years of researching and experiments, scientists created directional action medicines. It allows to activate some parts of the body very effective. It also helps to avoid many side effects that were noticed by sportsmen who used older drugs.

Using AAS orally, active components fall into the digestive system, then to the liver from intestines. Muscle cells activate and start to work better under the influence of the artificial hormones. They provide more proteins, convert resources of the body and use energy carefully.

Some steroid drugs can influence on the erythrocytes production. Erythrocytes are small red cells that are responsible for the body oxygenation. In result mental capacity and physical endurance increase. It is very value aspect in every kind of sport.

AAS also can hold water in the body, it’s useful because bigger amount of the blood appears and then it enters even the thinnest capillaries, oxygenating new body tissues. It leads to the faster growth.

Another one useful point of the water holding is that humidity is contained in the connective tissues in big amount, preventing injuries and fast deterioration of the joints.

Where and how AAS can be purchased?

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