Oral bulking cycle

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As we know, bodybuilding theory distinguishes two types of cycles. The first one is the mass recruitment cycle. During this time the athlete builds up mass and increases muscle volume. A cutting cycle is performed to relieve fatty mass and shape muscles. For these different cycles, trainers have developed different nutrition and training programs. And the medical support is also different.

The classic medical accompaniment of the bulking cycle involves injections of various drugs. For example, steroid drugs are administered injectively. But many athletes are often scared away by the need for injections. Therefore, the oral bulking cycle was developed. Let’s look at the differences between these approaches.

There is a stereotype that the oral cycle is less toxic. This is not true.

When we do an injection, we immediately deliver the drug into the bloodstream. Thus, we quickly direct the substance to where we need it. This reduces hepatotoxicity.

When taken orally, the drug is absorbed in the intestines. There it enters a vein, which collects all the blood from the intestines and directs it to the liver. And only then the drug enters the systemic circulation. Thus, 100% of the drug passes through the liver. Therefore, hepatotoxicity increases.

The second feature is the start time of the action. Before the drug is absorbed, it can take from 30 minutes to several hours. It depends on the place of absorption of the drug. Different drugs enter the bloodstream at different levels of the digestive tract. For example, glucose begins to be absorbed already in the mouth.

Therefore, when choosing a cycle, the athlete, together with the doctor, must choose the one that suits him. For example, if the athlete’s liver is compromised, it may be better to completely abandon drug therapy, or choose an injection option. If there are skin problems, or the injection method is too traumatic, then it is better to choose an oral cycle.


Physiology of a bulking cycle.


Let’s talk about the physiological processes that occur during the bulking cycle.

First of all, nutrition. The athlete begins to take a large number of calories. The number of different nutrients is also increasing. This leads to the accumulation of energy in the body. Our body stores energy in the form of adipose tissue and glycogen in the liver. Glycogen is fast energy. Adipose tissue is a more efficient source of energy. But the breakdown of adipose tissue is more difficult to activate.

To increase muscle we need three things: The first is excess energy. Excessive calorie activation activates a group of anabolic endogenous hormones. The second is intense loads. Under load, there is activation of myosin and actin fibres in the muscles. Besides, catecholamines are released. They break down carbohydrates and fats for energy. Catecholamines also accelerate blood flow and dilate blood vessels. In this way, they increase the delivery of nutrients and energy. Steroid hormones are also released. It is steroids that activate the synthesis of new muscle fibres. The third point is a large intake of protein. The protein in the digestive tract breaks down into amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks for muscle. With insufficient intake of amino acids, the body will simply not have enough material for the synthesis of muscle fibres.

Using medicines, we can further strengthen the processes of protein synthesis. The main component is steroid drugs. It is steroids that help significantly increase the effect of muscle gain. With the bulking cycle, a combination of several anabolic steroids is needed for a significant effect. But an increase in the number of drugs leads to an increase in the frequency of side effects. Therefore, it is necessary to take medications that will reduce the negative effects. These include estrogen receptor blockers and aromatase inhibitors.

Let’s look at drugs that doctors suggest using on this cycle.





This anabolic steroid is one of the most powerful, by the ability to increase muscle mass and strength, no drug can compare with it.

This anabolic steroid promotes the accumulation of water in muscle tissue, which makes the muscles more massive and bloated. Also, the accumulated fluid has a positive effect on the work of the joints, therefore weight gain and increased training intensity by an athlete do not negatively affect the condition of bones and ligaments. But this effect is not always good. Therefore, we propose to include Stanozolol in the course, which we will talk about later.

The anabolic effect is very high. In the steroid profile of the drug, 320% of the anabolic activity of testosterone is indicated. These are very good indicators.

Anadrol is a synthetic steroid. It was synthesized in a laboratory. On the one hand, this increased the effectiveness of the drug. But the frequency of side effects has also increased. It has a significant effect on the liver. Doctors also re-recommend to take medications to prevent side effects.




Stanozolol is one of the best oral anabolic steroids. This is a special modification of dihydrotestosterone. It has three times greater anabolic effect than testosterone.

Due to its molecular structure, Stanozolol has a significantly lower androgenic activity. Besides, it does not convert to estrogen.

Manufacturers produce Stanozolol both in injections and in tablets. The tablet form has a longer duration of action.

Toxicity to the liver is moderate, equally for injectable and tablet forms. Feature Stanozolol is a set of dry masa. Very often, anabolic steroids cause muscle swelling. Yes, muscles at the same time significantly increase in volume. But immediately after stopping the use of steroids, part of the gained mass will disappear. Stanozolol does not cause such an effect. Also, if you take it in combination with other steroids, then the edematous effect will also decrease. It also activates lipolysis. Building muscle with Stanozolol is very difficult. Therefore, we suggest combining several drugs.

In addition to these effects, Stanozolol also significantly increases endurance and muscle strength. Besides, appetite also rises significantly.

Stanozolol is a very convenient preparation for improving the quality of recruited masa. This is an important aspect of this cycle.



The world’s most popular steroid is Methandrostenolone, also known as Dianabol. Dianabol remains the best to this day. Many of the disadvantages of this drug can be eliminated if used correctly. Dianabol quickly and effectively increases muscle mass, but there is a pronounced phenomenon of a rollback of results, moderate toxicity and conversion to estrogens.

It is suitable only for men, gives a quick and strong effect of muscle growth and strengthening the skeletal system. Dianabol is a tableted anabolic steroid. It suppresses catabolic processes in the body, leads to a rapid increase in muscle mass, and also affects the formation of a positive nitrogen balance.

In its chemical structure, Dianabol is similar to methyltestosterone. This is what provides Dianabol with an anabolic effect. This is manifested in a significant increase in strength and muscle mass.

Dianabol is converted by aromatase to estrogen. Therefore, taking estrogen blockers and aromatase inhibitors is required.

Due to the strong androgen component and its conversion to dihydrotestosterone, Dianabol is stimulated by the activity of the sebaceous glands when taking Dianabol, which may cause some athletes to have acne on their face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. With an appropriate hereditary predisposition, Dianabol can accelerate baldness, the reason for this again is the high convertibility of its chemical substance into dihydrotestosterone.




Arimidex is a drug that inhibits the aromatase enzyme. As we know the aromatization process is one of the most important factors in the development of side effects. You need to understand that this is a normal and even necessary process in our body. Under the action of aromatase, testosterone breaks down into dihydrotestosterone and estrogen. Dihydrotestosterone has weaker anabolic effects than testosterone. But these effects are very similar. Estrogen is one of the sex hormones. Both men and women have it. But the concentration of estrogen will increase if more testosterone is introduced into the body. High concentrations of estrogen can cause gynecomastia. Also, it causes the accumulation of adipose tissue in the body.


Arimidex deactivates aromatase, and the aromatization process does not occur. The dose of Arimidex is selected so that the estrogen level remains close to physiological.


Initially, doctors used Arimidex to treat hormone-dependent breast cancer. But such useful properties quickly began to use bodybuilders.




Clomid is a drug that blocks estrogen receptors. The most important thing for us when taking Clomid is the blocking of estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus. The main reason for taking Clomid is to prevent testicular atrophy. Let’s look at the causes of this complication. Above we examined the process of aromatization. But one more action of estrogen is reverse regulation of testosterone production

What does reverse regulation mean? This means that the more estrogen in our body, the less testicles produce testosterone. With a significant amount of estrogen, testosterone production may completely stop.

With a prolonged cessation of estrogen production, the testes begin to atrophy. This is one of the worst side effects of steroid medications. The hormone-producing part of the testes suffers most of all. But the branches that are responsible for sperm production also suffer.

This is because the interaction of the pituitary gland with estrogen decreases the level of the control hormone gonadoliberin. Gonadoliberin in turn stimulates the testes. Without this stimulation, atrophy can develop. Doctors call these interactions the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes.

By blocking estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland, we prevent the negative effects of estrogen. On the one hand, we prevent the development of testicular atrophy. On the other hand, the production of endogenous testosterone


Oral bulking cycle table


Now we will analyze the correct intake of these drugs during the cycle.

The basis of any cycle is anabolic steroids. They provide muscle gain. And so, Anadrol and Dianabol will provide the main gain. Stanozolol will also remove excess fluid from the body. Stanozolol will reduce the recoil syndrome, which is very pronounced when taking Anadrol and Dianabol.

Anadrol should be taken at 50 mg per day. The duration of admission is seven weeks. Dianabol has fewer side effects, so it can be taken much longer. The proposed duration of the Dianabol administration is 8 weeks. It is necessary to take 30 mg of the drug per day.

Stanozolol is taken with Anadrol. There is no point in taking Stanozolol for longer, so the duration of taking Stanozolol is also seven weeks. The dosage of stanozolol should be 50 mg

Arimidex is an aromatase inhibitor, and it should be taken from the first day of the cycle. There is an opinion that it is enough to take Arimidex only after the manifestation of side effects. It is not right. With this approach, we can skip the latent phase. This is the period when negative effects have already begun to develop, but there are no clinical manifestations yet. Moreover, over time it is necessary to increase the dose of Arimidex. This is due to the accumulation of estrogen. The initial dose should be 1 mg per day. In the fourth week, increase the dosage to two mg per day. Arimidex should be taken before the eighth week of the cycle.

Clomid is enough to take at the end of the course, when the concentration of estrogen is already quite large. It is proposed to start taking Clomid at the seventh week of the cycle. The initial dosage should be 100 mg per day. Clomid has a cancellation effect. This means that a sharp cessation of Clomid administration can cause negative effects. Therefore, before discontinuing the drug, it is necessary to reduce its dose to 50 mg per day.

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