How To Pay


We operate with certain payment methods which were designed and adjusted to be secured and private for both sides, and have been proved as such over long period of time. To ease secure payment processes, we personally contact the client with payment instructions right after the order is submitted. You choose the payment method – We direct you where and how to pay!

Payment methods:

Western UnionMoneyGramInteract E-TransferBitcoin
$10 - 20 / transaction 2-3% / transaction0-2$ / transaction
$2 / transaction
Transaction time: 24-72hrTransaction time: 24-72hrTransaction time: 5-10min
Transaction time: 10-60min
Privacy: mediumPrivacy: mediumPrivacy: high
Privacy: high
Security: highSecurity: highSecurity: high
Security: high
How: Online / In person How: In personHow: online
How: Online
Success: 90%Success: 90%Success: 100%
Success: 100%

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