Post Cycle Therapy

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Post and On Cycle Therapy

Why it is necessary to have post-course therapy?

Scientists try to expand physical abilities of athletes and give them advantages over the opponent from 30th. The most effective way is using of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS).

It isn’t a secret that professional sportsmen use AAS to overcome physical abilities and gain better results.

A wish to become the first pushes more and more athletes to using different agents to increase power, endurance and force. AAS really help to become super-humans and gain better results.

But using of this group of dugs requires strict schedule and rules, because wrong applying of steroids can harm the organism.

There are some main constituents of victory:

         Correct and individual schedule of training;
         Athlete’s surrender;
         Good diet, full of vitamins;
         Right rest and schedule;
         High-quality pharmacological support and individual course of using;
         Post-course therapy (with drugs that will help to rehabilitate the organism).

Many different and unique products were created during the developing of the pharmacological industry. Almost every drug is based on testosterone and its modifications. Changing the structure of the hormone, scientists can increase or decrease main characters of the drug.

Exactly this hormone let to overcome physical abilities and become stronger, faster and more powerful.


The main factor to choose the most appropriate drug is kind of sport. In some kinds speed and sleight appreciate more than other characters, so excess mass can slow down the athlete. In such cases usually use drugs that add power and speed, but don’t change the weight. They usually have increased androgenic influence, increasing power and aggressiveness.

Volume and relief are appreciated in bodybuilding. Drugs should meet next requirements: strong anabolic effect, moderate androgenic effect, necessary fat-burning features. It lets to improve the relief and get high score at the competition.

The influence of steroids to the sportsmen’s organism:

The main goal of sports pharmacology is increasing of sportsmen’s characters. Courses of applying AAS are different by the composition and durability. This group of drugs helps to overcome person’s physical maximum, gain better mood and increase fervor to victory, forcing to fight when others give up.

Unfortunately, such effect can’t pass without consequences. During the using of AAS sportsman is on the top of abilities. But our organism slows down production of natural hormones, usually testosterone.

Endocrine glands become less active getting exogenous hormones. The organism needs time to rehabilitate its own production when AAS using cancels. Depending on the AAS dosage and course, this period can be from 3 till 12 month.

To reduce the rehabilitation period applies such drugs presented in our online store. This production will also help to avoid common side effects, reducing the probability of their occurrence literally to 0.

Main PCT tasks are rehabilitation of the capacity of endocrine glands, control of estrogenic side effects and fast rehabilitation of hormonal balance.

To gain the result use medicines that help to reestablish efficiency fast and naturally. Some drugs from the group can be used together with AAS, that allows to exclude side effects.

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How to prevent testosterone suppression?

  • Use non-aromatizing drugs.
  • Use short-acting drugs that do not work around the clock. 
  • Use additional medications for post cycle therapy.

Light courses lasting up to 6 weeks (using drugs with a period of action of no more than 5 days) moderately depress the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular arc. For restoration after such courses anti-estrogenic preparations are applied – clomid and tamoxifen, however, they are applied after courses of any complexity. Recovery proceeds quickly and does not require more than 1 month of treatment with the post-cycle therapy.

Application of anti-estrogens after a course of steroids solves several problems:

  • Gives the chance to avoid estrogen-dependent side effects (as the balance of hormones is broken estrogen, development of gynecomastia, fat deposition on female type is possible).
  • Decreasing level of estrogen, we signal to hypothalamus, that sex hormones (testosterone) are not enough, and it is necessary to begin the intensive stimulation of its manufacture by testicles. You should also use the best post cycle therapy.

But it’s not that simple. If your course was “heavy” or long from 8 weeks, another factor comes into play. Hypothalamus gives a command to pituitary gonadotropin release almost immediately after steroids withdrawal and withdrawal from the body, but our subatrophied testicles cannot produce testosterone in the necessary quantity. Therefore, always use specialized drugs, including post cycle therapy steroids, on such courses.

It is necessary to begin steroids post cycle therapy only when the steroid’s effect in the body has ceased. As a rule, the steroid will completely stop working in the body after three half-lives of the active ingredient. For oral steroids, the half-life is usually less than 48 hours.