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  • Cutting cycle The cutting cycle is the process of shedding excess body fat. Unlike ordinary people, for the athletes the process of losing weight is slightly different. I suggest analyzing the problems that bodybuilders face. Please note that this more

    Cutting cycle

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  • As we know, bodybuilding theory distinguishes two types of cycles. The first one is the mass recruitment cycle. During this time the athlete builds up mass and increases muscle volume. A cutting cycle is performed to relieve fatty mass more

    Oral bulking cycle

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  • As we know, bodybuilding theory distinguishes two types of cycles. The first one is the mass recruitment cycle. During this time the athlete builds up mass and increases muscle volume. A cutting cycle is performed to relieve fatty mass more

    Oral cutting cycle

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  • The classical theory of bodybuilding suggests two types of cycles. These are bulking and cutting cycles. They differ both in nutrition and training and in medical support. The sequence and duration of such cycles is determined by the athlete more
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    Size and Strength (Bulking cycle)

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  • Today, professional bodybuilding is impossible without pharmacology. Rumours that Mr. Olympia can only be made using medication are no longer rumours. And modern pharmacology offers athletes many drugs. Some of them are aimed at improving the results of an more
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    Top performances for athletes cycle

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The cutting cycle category has become one of the most popular in amateur and professional sport. Comprehensive supplements have replaced ineffective and harmful products. They include active ingredients with proven efficacy in many scientific studies. But even the best cutting cycle will not give the desired results in weight loss or lean muscle mass if the complex is selected incorrectly. 

Role of cutting steroid cycle

Manufacturers began mass-producing such supplements in 2008-2009. This was facilitated by the demand for a shapely and aesthetic body in amateur sports. In contrast to previously popular drugs, diuretics and other doubtful preparations, sports cutting cycle steroids had a pronounced effect. They were also characterized by safety for health (except excessive exceeding the recommended dosages).

Modern slimming drugs are mainly based on natural ingredients. Their main aim is to boost the body’s fat burning processes in a natural and safe way without negative effects on muscles. All legal supplements are FDA approved. This confirms their safety and effectiveness for correcting body fat mass.

Action of steroid cycle for cutting

There are several types of fat-burning supplements. Each ingredient in such supplements is designed to stimulate one (or all) of the processes. Some of the most potent effects include:

  • Lipolytic – the main task of the components is to accelerate lipolysis and metabolic processes;
  • Thermogenic – the most effective way to eliminate excess weight. Concludes in an increase in calorie consumption (even during rest), increasing efficiency and appetite suppression;
  • Appetite suppression – reduces hunger. Such passive effects have no direct effect on fat burning, but make it easier to tolerate low-calorie diets;
  • Blockers – reduce the absorption of fats or carbohydrates. Increasingly rare in supplements, not classified by the FDA as safe;
  • Thyroid stimulants – used only in conjunction with other ingredients, aim to stimulate T2 hormone.

Up to 80 percent of the composition of supplements are substances which stimulate lipolysis and increase thermogenesis. The complexes can also contain CNS stimulants to increase energy, physical and mental performance. They have an indirect effect on fat burning by increasing the intensity and duration of exercise.

Benefits of cutting steroid cycle for bodybuilding

Despite popular misconceptions, even the best supplements of this type for women and men are not ‘magic pills’. They are a category of powerful supplements that can cause a number of adverse effects if neglected and not taken properly. The best steroid cutting cycles have the following advantages:

  • Accelerate the process of eliminating fat mass;
  • Make it easier to tolerate feelings of hunger, even on a low-calorie diet;
  • Increase performance when calorie deficits in the diet;
  • Improve mood and mental alertness;
  • Affect only fat cells (do not lead to fat and muscle utilization, as in the case of normal weight loss).

Bodybuilding stacks: How to build muscle quickly?

All bodybuilders and representatives of other strength sports want to gain mass, but as you know, without anabolic steroids or sports pharmacology it’s a very complicated and long-lasting process, and for some people it’s not even a feasible goal. There are many rules on how to schedule proper nutrition, exercise and rest regimes. Professional athletes use steroid stacks and cycles for greater effect. The best steroid cycle for gaining quality muscles should certainly include effective products, and steroids containing high level of aromatization, which is necessary for combining with testosterone and rapid growth of muscle mass. In this section you can find steroid cycles and stacks.