Primobolan Depot 100mg

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  • Product Code: Methenolone Enanthate
  • Strength: 100 mg/ml
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Information about the drug:

Primobolan, Primobolan Depot can be found in other commercial names, but active ingredient is Methenolone. In this case it is Methenolone Enanthate, as the drug is for injection, but you can also find Methenolone Acetate (in tablets).

It is one of the safest androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS) currently existing. It has light anabolic and minimal androgenic properties. It is characterized by the absence of estrogenic side effects since it does not have the ability to aromatize.

Primobolan Depot was firstly used in 1962 for medical purposes to treat anemia, maintain muscle mass in bedridden patients, and also to speed up the rehabilitation of patients after heavy surgeries and burns.

The soft characteristics of this drug make it more accessible for women and novice athletes. As a rule, this medicine is not used to recruit large mass volumes, it does not bring huge increase in muscle and strength. The special chemical structure of Methenolone Enanthate allows you to use it longer than other more powerful drugs, throughout the entire period of use there is a smooth collection of high-quality (dry) muscles that are almost not affected by the “rollback” effect. Gained weight remains with athlete and hasn’t ability to disappear after the cancellation of drug applying.

The properties of Methenolone Enanthate will be useful for athletes who prepare to the bodybuilding competitio, in the period of the strict diet, Methenolone allows keeping gained relief and at the same time does not contribute water accumulation -- this property is extremely valuable before the performance.


Primobolan is an AAS, but it is rarely used during the off-season to gain weight, it is rather the drug for cutting among skilled sportsmen. But if you use the drug to maintain good shape, it will give you what you are looking for. Enanthate ester, which is part of this product, makes its applying extremely simple -- the user should make one injection once a week and the level of the drug in the blood will be stable and uniform.

During the preparation for the competition, the dosage is 200 mg per week, it will help to maintain your muscles in good shape, to speed up the lipolysis process and overcome catabolic processes in the body.

For males:

In the case of using this product for mass gaining and productivity increasing, the dosage is 400-600mg a week. Such dose would be optimal and, as usual, does not cause side effects.

For females:

Basically, the applying of AAS by women is unwanted, but thanks to the Primobolan loyalty the using is allowed. The dosage should be 100-150mg a week, it will give nice results and increase the productivity.

Recommended duration of the course is for 4-6 weeks.

Side effects:

Although the drug is sparing for the organism, the necessity to pass post course therapy appears in the most cases.

Incorrect using of this drug can cause next symptoms:

  • Female masculinization;

  • Androgenic side effects;

  • The suppression of natural testosterone production;

  • Individual allergic reactions.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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