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  • Cialis is not an anabolic drug, it does not affect strength indicators or hormonal background. The drug does not stimulate to training and does not help to recover. However, it has properties that steroids do not have. Its original purpose is to combat male impotence (erectile dysfunction). The drug has passed many tests, tests, tests by time and proved its effectiveness in the field of helping more
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  • Sildenafil is also known like VIAGRA, one is the most recognizable drugs in the world, gained its popularity thanks to the property to overcome male’s sexual dysfunction. Should be noted that this drug is really very effective in this area, helping many men over the world and it is one of the more
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  • Cialis is not an anabolic drug, it does not affect strength indicators or hormonal background. The drug does not stimulate to training and does not help to recover. However, it has properties that steroids do not have. Its original purpose is to combat male impotence (erectile dysfunction). The drug has passed many tests, tests, tests by time and proved its effectiveness in the field of helping more
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  • Viagra (the active ingredient is sildenafil) is a popular tool for improving erectile function in men, however, recently this drug has found wider application both in medicine and in more
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History of using the drugs:

This section of our online store includes drugs that help overcome sexual dysfunction and also used by bodybuilders in the world to gain good pumping.

Firstly this drug used to increase male potency. As a rule, such problems appear when testosterone level decreases because of some reasons.

There are the most common ones:

        – Age decline of androgenic production (as usual after 35 years old);
        – Malnutrition and lack of the vitamins;
        – Bad habits like smoking and alcohol abuse;
        – Wrong using of androgenic anabolic steroids also leads to oppression of production natural androgens.

How does the male sexual dysfunction shows?

Main characters of sexual dysfunction are lack of sexual desire, inability to end a sexual act, bad state of health and decreasing of the energy level. Besides these symptoms, the patient is also subject to stress and feels inferiority. Such effects have bad influence to the organism and can cause the depression.

Many researching of this group of drugs showed that medicine in this section can easily help to overcome sexual dysfunction, as they have some important properties for sports. As a rule, Sildenafil and Tadalafil are the most common agents of the group. These components are main active parts of any drug, regardless to its commercial name.

Effects of using:

During the training, sexual aid drugs act like doping. The increasing of capillaries permits blood saturation of the body tissues and cells get many nutrients. It influence on the growth and development. Endurance increases too. Increased mental performance also caused by oxygenation of the brain.

As a result sportsmen get good advantages, long pumping (near 24 hours), high level of the muscular endurance – it helps to train more productive.

Many researching show that applying of this group of drugs for a long time helps to grow really big volumes of mass weight and reinforce blood circulatory system. Fast growth of the new blood vessels provides growing muscles with all needs. In the result the quality of the grown mass stays on the highest level.

Other advantage is that you shouldn’t be afraid of the sudden erection. The drug influences on the men’s power only during the stimulation.

Applying Viagra or Cailis in 30-40 minutes before the training, athlete does not feel any action, as a rule. It is because this product fully reveals the potential only in condition of hard physical loads.

Working with weighting, athletes notice Viagra and Cialis (main representatives of this group) allow to work with heavier weight and with less rest. As a result, muscles shaped better, hypertrophy of muscle tissues happens faster.


Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Influence on the natural testosterone:

These components promote better production of natural androgens. Practice shows that medicines with Sildenafil and Tadalafil help to increase testosterone level literally twice! Male’s sexual hormones (androgens) are main and enact in power indicator’s increasing and growing muscular mass. Athletes used bigger amount of steroids before sexual aid drugs were introduced to sports. Now Sildenafil and Tadalafil are used during the trainings, the effect of the steroids using increases, letting to use less doses and get better and more expressed result.

In the case of using drugs for male potency and steroid products together, metabolism increases and athlete assimilates more nutrients, waste fat reserve actively.

Sildenafil and Tadalafil recently became an inalienable part of professional bodybuilders’ medicine kit. These drugs concentrate almost all the most necessary features that appreciated in every kind of sport. But regular using of these products not addictive and haven’t side effects (if used correctly), add self-confidence in communication with opposite gender. These components improve not only training, but also life.

How can male potency increasing drugs be purchasing?

First thing you should do is make sure is it original product. Viagra and Cialis get the popularity, but unfortunately it led unfair manufacturers to produce fake or even non effective products.

Our online store cooperates only with tested providers that appreciate their reputation. So, all products always match the dosage and have perfect quality.

Advantages of purchasing in our store:

Quality, effectiveness, fast delivery and short order processing time.

Buying medicines in our online store you will not have any difficulties, you don’t need recipe from the doctor and don’t be afraid to buy fake product.

ROIDTEST is individual approach for every customer, discount system for regular clients, high-quality assurance and fast delivery. 

What affects the speed of action of the drugs

The standard form of most sexual dysfunction drugs is tablets. They are taken with water or juice, and the time of action depends on the body’s metabolic processes and the speed at which the drug enters the stomach. Tablets marked ‘soft’ are used when it is necessary to avoid the drug entering the gastrointestinal tract or when a higher rate of absorption is needed. These products are dissolved in the oral cavity so that the active ingredients enter the bloodstream directly, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract. This allows the product to take effect twice as fast as usual. The average onset of action is 20 minutes. However, this is not the fastest effect. You can even find special women’s sexual aids with a fast-acting effect.

The main thing that affects the speed of action is the form of release. If you rank male potency drugs by speed of action, it is as follows:

  • Usual sexual aids in the form of tablets – start to act after 30-60 minutes.
  • Soft tablets – work in 15-20 minutes.
  • Pills in the form of jelly take effect after 10-15 minutes.

How to take medication for sexual dysfunction correctly

To achieve the desired result from taking medication that affects erection, you should follow the rules of use:

  • The medication is taken approximately one hour before sexual intercourse. Take them with water or juice.
  • The medication should preferably not be mixed with alcohol, although some forms of release allow for joint use.
  • Several potency medicines should not be mixed at the same time. Repeated ingestion of one sexual dysfunction medication within a day should also be avoided.
  • Use with caution when taken with other medicines.
  • Do not use after the expiry date.

What product to choose

You can ask your healthcare professional for advice, or you can try all the different types of adult sexual aids and find the one that works best for you. This method is justified, as even the standard causes of impaired sexual function have individual characteristics. The choice is also influenced by the personal preferences of the man or woman if you are looking for a female sexual dysfunction medication. To facilitate the selection procedure, you can make your own rating of drugs for potency, taking into account such characteristics:

  • safety and efficacy;
  • reaction to concomitant reception of other drugs;
  • speed of onset and duration of effect after ingestion;
  • cost per unit, blister, package.

You should also consider how much time will elapse between taking the drug and the immediate start of sexual intercourse. Soft or jelly pills are good for quick results, but the standard form of drugs for sexual dysfunction is quite effective for prolonged sexual intercourse.