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S.I.T, Italy, therapeutic drugs, European quality, bodybuilding

It is an Italian company, that products drugs, food additives and medical equipment. The company was founded in 1927 on the south of Italy. Since its inception, the company has changed the number of managers, but this only affected the quality of products for the better.

Constant modernization of the manufacture, purchasing of modern equipment, training for staff allow S.I.T. take a strong position in the pharmaceutical market for over 90 years.

The total amount of the produced products exceeds 150 units, this includes both own products and generics (licensed copies).

The company is quite sensitive to the quality of production as it sells its products not only in Italy. This company's market includes not only Europe, but also the United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

These countries have strict requirements for pharmaceutical products and medical equipment. These factors stimulate company's management to make continuous investments in the production and employees.