Size and Strength (Bulking cycle)

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The classical theory of bodybuilding suggests two types of cycles. These are bulking and cutting cycles. They differ both in nutrition and training and in medical support. The sequence and duration of such cycles is determined by the athlete with his coach. But the drugs that the athlete uses must be approved by doctors. Today we will discuss the most popular and balanced drug bulking cycle.

I repeat once again – the basis of any cycle is nutrition and training. Any drug you take should be prescribed by your doctor. With this article, we only want to consider the most effective combination of drugs during weight gain.

During the bulking cycle, athletes use several classes of drugs.

The basis of any cycle is steroid drugs. They provide the main muscle growth.

Even a single steroid can improve training results. But the best effect is from the right combination of several steroid drugs. In the cycle that we are considering are four steroids.

Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is a nortestosterone drug. This hormone is produced in the athlete’s body after heavy exertion. It is also synthesized during pregnancy.

Deca Durabolin has a pronounced anabolic activity. This means that it significantly enhances protein synthesis.

Since Deca Durabolin does not contain pure testosterone, it exhibits a significantly lower androgenic effect.

Nandrolone is converted by a specific enzyme into a weak androgen – dihydro nandrolone. This substance has virtually no effect on the body and does not cause side effects. However, this may be one of the reasons for the decrease in libido during the cycle.

Also, Deca Durabolin has a minimal conversion to estrogen. This reduces the side effects of estrogen.

It has low liver toxicity. It also slowly breaks down in the liver. Therefore, its duration of action is already 15 days.

Deca Durabolin significantly enhances muscle growth. It strengthens bones and ligaments. Like any steroid, Deca Durabolin increases the number of red blood cells.

One of the specific and important effects is to improve the intestinal absorption of amino acids and other beneficial substances.

Nandrolone has a relatively low probability of side effects. As a result of low androgenic activity, such side effects as acne, baldness, and hair growth on the body practically do not occur

This made Durabolin Deca one of the most popular anabolicsteroid.

Testosterone enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate is a natural testosterone ester. In bodybuilding, this is one of the most popular steroids for gaining muscle mass. Testosterone Enanthate is a long-acting steroid. The anabolic activity of testosterone enanthate is the same as that of natural testosterone. Anabolic and androgenic activity, it is not too different from natural testosterone.

Given that the drug is derived from testosterone, it also tends to aromatize. Therefore, after a course containing Testosterone Enanthate, it is imperative to use post-cycle therapy with antiestrogens.

Another of the negative effects of this drug is the ability to suppress the production of testosterone. This is due to the suppression of the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes. Nevertheless, there is no toxicity to the liver and kidneys. The drug is taken by injection.

The main advantage of Testosterone Enanthate is a pronounced increase in muscle mass and strength. Therefore, it is highly appreciated by weightlifters and powerlifters. Together with the anabolic effect, the drug has a pronounced androgenic effect. Rapid weight gain is associated with a significant accumulation of water, due to sodium retention and estrogenic action.

Testosterone Enanthate often helps to eliminate joint problems, those who complain of pain and crunching in the shoulders, and those who already show the first signs of wear on their intervertebral discs, with nandrolone and growth hormone being more preferred in this regard.

Testosterone Enanthate stimulates the regeneration processes in the body. Increases overall tone and desire to train, prevents overtraining. Increases the oxygen capacity of the blood.


This anabolic steroid is one of the most powerful. This steroid promotes the accumulation of water in muscle tissue, which makes the muscles more massive and bloated. Also, the accumulated fluid has a positive effect on the work of the joints, therefore weight gain and increased training intensity by an athlete do not negatively affect the condition of bones and ligaments. Anadrol acts very quickly. Due to this, the athlete can see a pronounced result in a short time.

Oxymetholone, or Anadrol, is used in medicine to treat low red blood cell counts (anemia). Anabolic increases the number of red blood cells by increasing the level of the hormone erythropoietin.

Taking this steroid, the athlete feels the stunning effect of muscle enlargement. Besides, the athlete is gaining weight because Anadrol (Oxymetholone) contributes to an increase in appetite. This property is also used in official medicine in the treatment of cachexia, especially in cancer patients.


This drug is related to anabolic steroids. It was widely known in sports medicine for increasing muscle mass. The drug enhances anabolic and inhibits catabolic processes, helps to increase muscle mass, forms a positive nitrogen balance, accelerates the breakdown of subcutaneous fat. It has pronounced anabolic and moderate androgenic properties.

It leads to an increase in the synthesis of DNA, RNA and structural proteins, increased tissue respiration, and oxidative phosphorylation. Stimulates anabolic and inhibits catabolic processes. It leads to a marked increase in muscle mass, a decrease in fat deposits and a positive nitrogen balance. The hematopoietic effect is associated with an increase in the synthesis of erythropoietin. The presence of androgenic activity can contribute to the development of male secondary sexual characteristics. The effect of this drug is long, can last up to 14 hours. It acts synergistically with concomitant use with nortestosterone drugs.

To prevent the negative effects of steroids, the second group of drugs is used.

When using these drugs, we need:

• Protect the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes from estrogen exposure

• Prevent testicular atrophy

• Prevent rollback syndrome. This is a condition when, after the end of the cycle, the athlete begins to lose muscle mass.

• Normalize the hormonal state.

To do this, use antiestrogens, aromatase inhibitors and hormonal drugs.


Arimidex is an aromatase inhibitor. Most often it is used during anabolic steroids for:

• prevention of gynecomastia

• increasing the level of anabolic hormones

• increased relief (by eliminating the negative effects of estrogen)

• prevent hypertension

• reduction of estrogenic suppression of the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes, which leads to a faster recovery.

When building a course, it should be borne in mind that not all anabolic steroids are subject to aromatization. Aromatase blockers should be used only after a course of steroids with high aromatization ability. These include derivatives of testosterone and nandrolone. That is why, when conducting a mass cycle, post-cycle therapy is mandatory.

A moderate concentration of estrogen is beneficial for muscle growth, and the recommended dosage of Arimidex allows you to maintain the physiological level of estrogen. The tactics of most athletes are reduced to the use of aromatase inhibitors when the first signs of gynecomastia appear. However, this approach is not optimal. If the manifestations of side effects are already pronounced, then getting rid of them is much more difficult. It is recommended to take Arimidex from the first day of the cycle. Then the side effects do not develop.

Aromatase blockers were created as antitumor drugs. Commonly used in the treatment of breast cancer in women, for the treatment of hormone-dependent tumours.

Arimidex is a powerful, highly selective, third-generation, non-steroidal anti-aromatase drug. According to the anti-aromatase effect, anastrozole is one of the most powerful drugs. It can effectively prevent the phenomenon of feminization.

The drug is rapidly absorbed after oral administration

The representative of the third generation of aromatase blockers, anastrozole was developed as the first-line drug for the treatment of disseminated breast cancer.


HCG is produced by the placenta during pregnancy. Then it is excreted in the urine. From there, it is extracted in laboratories to create drugs. Chorionic gonadotropin has the same biological effects as the luteinizing hormone that forms in the pituitary gland. In the body, the gonadotropin level is regulated by the feedback mechanism in the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes

Gonadoliberin is produced in the hypothalamus and stimulates the release of gonadotropic hormones. Gonadotropins are produced in the pituitary gland and normally stimulate the testes, with a lack of testicular atrophy.

Thus, in bodybuilding during prolonged use of steroids, it is necessary to additionally introduce gonadotropin hormone (chorionic gonadotropin) to prevent testicular atrophy.

In bodybuilding, the use of chorionic gonadotropin is justified and even necessary during a course of anabolic steroids for the prevention of testicular atrophy. In this case, its use is safe. Besides, chorionic gonadotropin allows you to eliminate some side effects of anabolic steroids, as well as maintain muscle gain. HCG is of particular importance if the steroid cycle exceeds 6 weeks or large doses are used. In this situation, chorionic gonadotropin does not interfere with the axis of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testes and allows you to maintain testicular function. It is used as part of post-cycle therapy.


Clomiphene citrate is one of the antiestrogen drugs. In some tissues it blocks the action of estrogen by binding to receptors, while in other tissues it can act like real estrogen by activating receptors. In men, this drug acts as an antiestrogen in its ability to interfere with the negative feedback of estrogens to the hypothalamus and stimulate the production of gonadoliberin. As a result, the production of the luteinizing hormone will be increased. This can increase testosterone production by the testes.

Clomid acts on estrogen receptors in the pituitary and ovaries. By binding estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland, Clomid breaks the negative feedback mechanism. That is, usually estrogens, acting on the pituitary gland, reduce the production of FSH and LH, this does not happen when taking Clomid.

Thus, Clomid acts as an estrogen antagonist and eliminates their inhibitory effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, contributing to a more rapid restoration of their function.

Size and Strength Table

Total:  2 Testosterone Enanthate, 2 Deca, 2 Dianabol,3 Armidex, 4 HCG, 1 Clomid, 1 Anadrol

Let’s look at a combination of these drugs.

Deca Durabolin and Testosterone Enanthate are administered once a week. The dose is also the same – 500 mg per week.

Dianabol and Anadrol should be taken daily. The dosage of Anadrol is 50 mg. Dianabol should be taken at 30 mg.

The duration of steroid use is 10 weeks. But taking Anadrol should be limited to nine weeks.

Aromatase inhibitors, as we have said, must be taken from the first day of the cycle. So, we will protect ourselves from the side effects associated with aromatization.

Arimidex should be taken one tablet daily. After taking steroids, you need to take Arimidex for another two weeks to completely protect yourself.

At the end of the cycle, HCG and Clomid are added to prevent negative estrogenic effects.

HCG should be taken twice a week at 2500iu. Clomid is taken daily at 50 mg.

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