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  • Information about the drug The cannabis industry is one of the most exciting and fastest growing in the natural health sector. As regulations regarding the plant and its commercial use change around the world we are seeing new hemp more
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    CBD Full Spectrum

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  • Information about the drug Hemp CBD Isolate Oil 1000 mg 30 ml is a cannabidiol based oil free from banned THC. It has a complex effect of protecting the brain and psyche from stress factors, and also improves the more
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    CBD Isolate

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  • Zopiclone is a sedative for the prevention of severe sleep disorders. The drug belongs to the class of new generation non-benzodiazepines, which are intended solely to facilitate falling asleep and have minimal effect on sleep structure. The half-life of Zopiclone is about 3 hours. Among the advantages of this drug, it can be distinguished that it does not cause a feeling of weakness and drowsiness on the next day morning, and repeated doses are not accompanied by the accumulation of the active substance in the organism. According to athletes, Zopiclone causes significantly fewer side effects compared with similar sleeping more


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