Sustanon 250 Organon

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  • Brand: Organon
  • Product Code: Testosterone Mix
  • Strength: 250 mg/ml
  • Volume: 2 ml
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Information about the drug:

Testosteron - Propionate 30 mg; Phenylpropionate 60 mg; Isocaproate 60 mg ; Decanoate 100mg.

Sustanon-250 is a mixture of several esters attached to testosterone. This substance was originally used in medicine for hormone therapy, as well as in cases where it was necessary to stimulate the patient's tissue for rapid recovery and healing. This drug uses 4 esters, which allows you to get a quick and uniform effect for 5-7 days.

Each of the attached to testosterone esters has its own half-life, which explains the smoothness and uniformity of the drug's action.

Testosterone is one of the most wanted hormones in sport, so Sustanon-250 is one of the most popular drugs for many years. It allows athlete to increase the productivity quickly and qualitatively, also increasing muscle mass. Testosterone-based products also cause body to work more efficiently during the distribution of nutrients in the body.

Under the influence of exogenous testosterone, the body stores more energy and stimulates cells to grow and produce protein.


An athlete using Sustanon-250 receives a significant surge of energy, which allows you to train for a longer time, thereby improving the productivity.

As a rule, this product is used during the off-season (mass gaining), the drug copes with its task almost ideally, so should be noted that the mass gained thanks to Sustanon-250 is high-quality, but there is also a rollback, as the product provokes water accumulation.

The dosage of the drug depends on the compiled cycle, if the drug is used singly -- the dosage is higher, if Sustanon-250 is added to a more difficult course with 2-3 drugs, then the drug should be dosed more carefully. The weekly dose should not exceed 600 mg. The minimum dose to feel the effect is 200-250 mg. Due to the complex composition injections are made every 5-7 days.

Side effects:

The drug can interact with the 5-alpha reductase enzyme that can cause androgenic side effects. Exogenous testosterone also interacts with an enzyme called aromatase, which causes aromatization.

There are main side effects:

  • Androgenic — alopecia, acne, aggressive behavior, hair growth on the face and neck;

  • Estrogenic — gynecomastia, water accumulation, fat accumulation by female type;

  • Decreased natural testosterone production.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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