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Information about the drug

Apo-Tamoxifen is the most prescribed and save product to overcome estrogenic activity by blocking estrogen receptors, preventing its biological action. Initially this drug started to be used in medicine for the treatment and preventing of estrogen associated tumors, especially a breast cancer. Also Tamoxifen is one of the oldest antiestrogenic drugs. It was approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in 1977, and Tamoxifen is still widely used.

In sport it is usually applied by users of androgenic anabolic steroids which contain testosterone. This hormone in the user’s body tends to interact with several enzymes, affecting the emergence of other hormones. Interacting with the reductase enzyme, testosterone turns into dihydrotestosterone (more powerful compound), that is responsible for the surge of strength and energy.

Interaction with the aromatase leads to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen (female sex hormones). This interaction leads to the undesirable consequences, like feminization. The manifestation of the female features on the man’s figure is the unacceptable consequence that arises when female sex hormones dominate over the male ones. To prevent such effects AAS users apply drugs to control the amount of estrogen (antiestrogens). As a rule, they effectively cope with their task, if the amount of exogenous testosterone, used by the athlete, is moderate. In the case of using high dosages of AAS, should be used more powerful products, such as aromatase inhibitors.

Tamoxifen Citrate does not prevent the lowering of estrogens and their production in the body. The principle of this drug’s action is binding the estrogen receptors, thereby occupying them. As a result, real estrogens do not have the ability to work with their receptors, thereby losing the ability to influence on the any processes in the user’s body.


The using of Tamoxifen Citrate is fully justified and during the course of steroids, and during the post course therapy. In the last week of the course of anabolic steroids and 2 weeks after, Tamoxifen should be used as the main component of PCT. In the absence of Proviron, Tamoxifen starts at 2 weeks of the steroid cycle, and ends 2-3 weeks after the end of the cycle. I would like to draw particular attention to the common misconception that antiestrogens are recommended to be taken after a cycle. The level of estrogen rises at the end of the first week of the cycle, so from this moment you need to start taking it!

Applying this drug with AAS, the recommended dose is in the range of 10-20 mg per day during the entire period of using. The maximum dose is 40 mg per day, but such a high dosage of Tamoxifen is related to the high risk of side effects.

Passing tests for hormones when using such drugs is the key to the selecting of the correct dosage to achieve the result.

The drug is used after the period of active action of steroid drugs. Common effective dose is 40 mg per day for two weeks. Then the dosage of Tamoxifen Citrate is reduced in two, thus applying this drug for another two weeks. After 4 weeks of rehabilitation, the dosage is reduced by two times and use Tamoxifen for 10 days more.

Side effects

Due to the antiestrogenic effect of tamoxifen, side effects such as hot flashes, abnormal vaginal bleeding, irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge, and genital itching are most often noted. Fluid retention, nausea, and vomiting are also possible. Transient acceleration of tumor growth, dizziness, skin rash, alopecia, increased fatigue, headaches are less commonly observed. Impotence and loss of libido are possible in men.

In isolated cases, anorexia, taste disturbance, constipation, diarrhea, leg muscle cramps, depression, alopecia, or intense hair growth are observed.

In premenopausal women, cessations of menstruation, sometimes reversible cystic edema of the ovaries are possible.

In a small number of patients with bone metastases, hypercalcemia has developed at the beginning of therapy. It is possible an initial increase in pain in bones and tumors, as well as the spread of erythema around skin lesions, which may be evidence of a therapeutic effect. It is also possible an increase of existing skin lesions or the appearance of new ones.

There more serious side effects are possible, such as leukopenia and / or thrombocytopenia (platelet count usually drops to 80,000–90,000 / mm3). Very rarely neutropenia and pancytopenia can develop.

Tamoxifen therapy is associated with an increased risk of proliferative changes in the endometrium, in particular endometrial hyperplasia, polyps, endometriosis, and in rare cases, endometrial cancer are possible. The likelihood of developing endometrial cancer increases with increasing duration of tamoxifen therapy and is approximately 2-3 times higher than the likelihood of endometrial cancer in women who have not received the drug. However, the clinical benefit of using tamoxifen in the treatment of breast cancer in women exceeds the possible risk of developing neoplastic endometrial formations.

During therapy with tamoxifen, ophthalmic disorders are noted, in particular, decreased visual acuity, clouding of the cornea, the development of cataracts and retinopathy. These effects are likely to depend on the dose and duration of therapy and may be partially reversible after treatment with tamoxifen is discontinued.

Thrombosis is quite common, very rarely – pulmonary embolism. With the simultaneous use of tamoxifen and cytotoxic drugs, the risk of thromboembolic complications increases.

Tamoxifen may affect the serum lipid spectrum. Hypertriglyceridemia is very rare, sometimes pancreatitis can develop.

Tamoxifen therapy is associated with increased levels of hepatic enzymes in the blood serum and, in rare cases, with more severe disorders, such as fatty liver, cholestasis and hepatitis.

Hypersensitivity reactions are rare, in particular a skin rash, angioedema, polymorphic erythema, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, bullous pemphigoid.

Most of these side effects are reversible and can be reduced or eliminated by lowering the dose of the drug.

Be careful! A lot of drugs are made without proper technologies! They can cause additional side effects! We highly recommend you to use tamoxifen from trusted distributors! We check our suppliers!


This drug is a medical product and requires following recommendations of its usage and storage. It should be stored in the cool dark place, avoiding direct sunlight. It’s also necessary to keep this drug out of children`s reach!

You MUST consult with your attending physician before you start using this drug. We also ask you to take into account that this drug may cause some side effects. Some of them can be life-threatening. If you notice any disturbing symptoms you should to contact with your physician. In some cases, it is necessary to stop taking the drug for a while. Also, you must inform your doctor if you taking tamoxifen with other medicines. So physician can prescribe proper treatment and help you to avoid any unpleasant adverse effects.


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