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Information about the drug:

Human’s Growth Hormone (HGH) is one of the strongest non-steroidal drugs. It is natural growth and rejuvenation stimulators.

This hormone, somatotropin, is the most important in the organism. It is also the most difficult in functionality.

It is responsible in the forming of human’s body during we are growing. After the age when we end our growing it produces less.

Scientists knew the principle of action of this hormone and started to use it effective for treating children with developmental lag. But gaining this hormone was very difficult till 1985. It was gained from pituitary of dead people. It was the reason of many difficulties. But in 1985 scientists learned how to get this hormone by recombinant way.

After that HGH became more available and used in bodybuilding.

The champion in bodybuilding who has never used HGH isn’t existed. It gives great volumes and the development of the connective tissues happens with the muscular growth. It helps to increase power and avoid injures. Old injures heal without any signs.

The hormone consists of 191 amino-acids and it is the biggest protein in the organism. It is produced in the anterior pituitary and has many regulatory properties.

Main characters of this product are: cells increasing in the muscular tissues; accelerated muscular growth; rejuvenation of internal organs; development of tendons and cartilages; great fat burning effect.

All properties of this hormone are used in hormone-replacement therapy, in reestablishing sportsmen and common people after hard injuries and operations, in rejuvenating of aged people.


HGH in the complex of testosterone-based drugs gives very qualitative and fast results – it is real champion’s cocktail! In cooperation with good nutrition and training schedule it makes athletes the best.

Average dose is 4-6 units of the product during the off-season. In the combination with steroids it gives really nice results. The duration of the course is 2-6 months.

To gain the maximal effect, share day dose to 2 applying – in the day and at night. This schedule is like the natural one.

In therapeutic goals for reestablishing after injures and for rejuvenation, the dose is 2-3 units a day also for 2 applying.

Side effects:

This drug has many positive characters and as usual has not side effects, but there is the list of the most common:

  • Pain in the muscles;

  • Edema;

  • In the case of using big doses joint rupture can appear.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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