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Information about the drug

Propionate is one of the fastest esters that is used in preparations with testosterone. This ether is not very popular with beginning athletes, as it requires skills and more complex schemes of application. It allows you to start the process of saturation with testosterone the next day. Professionals often use short testosterone esters, because during the use, you can quickly adjust the amount of the drug. A short ether allows you to quickly increase or decrease the effect. It also allows you to quickly exclude the drug from the scheme, if it does not bring the desired result or does not work correctly.

In the same way, many people use Propionate to overclock, let’s say if you put a longer broadcast, then you’ll have to wait a few days until it gains power and begins to operate full-scale. It is in such schemes that the use of the drug for overclocking is allowed.

The use of such a short ether, usually occurs for therapeutic purposes, the half-life of this ether is only 1-2 days. This indicates that the drug begins to act quickly and just as quickly ceases to be effective.

This hormone is used in medicine for many decades, it is applied from infertility and impotence to recovery of patients after severe burns.

In sports, this hormone came in the early 50’s and was unofficially used in training weightlifters. The drug has the ability to significantly increase the strength of the athlete. This is one of the key properties that helped him to get into the big sport. Over time, other properties of androgens began to be used, namely: Anabolic properties; Fat-burning; Effect on endurance; Improve coordination and response.

Properties of such a drug are useful to almost everyone. The main consumer at the moment is bodybuilding. Each athlete who intends to perform or significantly improve their characteristics, resorts to the use of testosterone.

Due to its structure, Testosterone Propionate is an ethereal form of testosterone with an additional propionic acid molecule. Thanks to its formula, Testosterone Propionate provokes the effect of hyperplasia in the muscle tissue – an increase in the number of cells. Testosterone Propionate helps athletes recover quickly after significant physical exertion – this is achieved by increasing the synthesis of creatine phosphate in the body – a compound that affects the energy supply of cells. Propionat increases strength and reduces the risk of heart disease, testosterone propionate almost does not retain water in the body, which allows you to preserve the muscle gained during the course the first weight and makes it “dry” and quality.

Effects of Testabol Propionate:

  • Fast weight gain of excellent quality.
  • The processes of utilization of adipose cells are accelerated.
  • Increases appetite.
  • Physical parameters and especially power parameters are improving.
  • The body needs less time to fully recover from the training.

Among other positive properties of anabolic, acceleration of IGF secretion and stimulation of satellite cell division processes in muscle tissues can be noted. Note that the properties of propionate do not differ from other esters of this hormone.


Testosterone Propionate has a fairly wide range of applications. It can be used for weight gain, for fat burning, and for overcoming the effects of glucocorticoid hormones.

For a set of mass, the dosage should be 300-400 mg per week, for this you should make at least three injections per week. It is also possible to use 600-1000 mg, but this is for professionals, and requires some skills.

During the cut period, to maintain muscle mass and to burn subcutaneous fat, the dosage is 150-200 mg per week. This amount will be enough to combat the catabolic phase. Just such a quantity will not cause accumulation of water.

Regardless of the goal, the course lasts from 6 to 12 weeks, but sometimes athletes make an exception and take the product for much longer.

To avoid side effects, you should take atestrogenic (Proviron) in parallel with Testosterone Propionate. This will help to avoid delay of excessive amounts of fluid in the body, eliminate the risk of gynecomastia. After taking the drug, a course of rehabilitation therapy using Tamoxifen is recommended. To preserve the gained mass at the exit from the course, it is advisable to take Cortisol. Do not forget about the special sports diet during the course.

Combination with other drugs

Quite often, athletes in one injection combine testosterone propionate with other water-based anabolic steroids or with vitamin B12, which can relieve pain during the injection. It is necessary to change the injection site every time to avoid the risk of local complications. Due to its pronounced androgenic activity, the duration of the course is usually 4-5 weeks. According to experts and experienced athletes, it makes no sense to take this preparation so long becuse any effect from it will be absent.

Side effects

Testosterone has good properties, but like any medicine, if used improperly, it has the property of causing negative consequences, namely:

  • Estrogenic side effects include: Gynekomastia, high blood pressure, accumulation of excess water;
  • Androgen, they include: Acne, alopecia, increased aggression;
  • Also, with long-term use of drugs with testosterone, oppression of the internal glands of internal secretion occurs.


This drug is medical product and requires following recommendations of using and storing. It should be stored in the cool dark place, avoiding direct sunlight. It’s also necessary to prevent applying this drug by children.

You MUST consult with your attending physician before you start using this drug. We also ask you to take into account that this drug may cause some side effects, some of them can be life-threatening. If you notice any disturbing symptoms you should to contact with your physician. In some cases, it is necessary to stop taking the drug for a while. Also you must inform your doctor if you taking this drugs with other medicines. So physician can prescribe proper treatment and help to avoid any unpleasant adverse effects.

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