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Information about the drug:

Testosterone Enanthate 250 is a drug based on a synthetically reproduced male sex hormone testosterone. In the case of this drug, the ENANTHATE ester was added to the hormone. This was made in order to slow down the release of hormone molecules. It is known that testosterone in the pure form stays in the blood for only 30-45 minutes, after which it spreads to the tissues and takes part in numerous chemical and physiological processes in the organism.

Since scientists have learned how to synthesize testosterone hormone in the laboratory, it has been used for hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone is an extremely important hormone in the male organism and its lack has an immediate effect on health. The decreased level of natural testosterone can lead to some unwanted consequences, including sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis.

There are main functions of this hormone:

  • Effect on muscle growth and development of bone in women;

  • Proper formation of the male body (broad shoulders, muscle mass, low voice, hair, the formation of the primary sexual characteristics);

The appearance, energy level and health of a person, endurance, physical strength and the ability to adapt quickly to high physical loads directly depend on the level of testosterone.

In the cases of the lack of this hormone in the human body (according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is about 40% of the male population aged 25-55 years), the organism feels a number of disorders:

  • Problems with the cardiovascular system;

  • Weight problems;

  • Dementia;

  • Infertility and impotence;

  • Osteoporosis (loss of bone density).

In the early stages of development of these disorders, hormone replacement therapy is usually prescribed. In most cases, this is enough to get rid of the problems. However, the applying of pure hormone is extremely unpractical method of treatment, since the injection would have to be done several times a day. Method of combining testosterone molecules with various esters was developed to solve this problem.

Esters permit to prolong the action of testosterone for the required period. For example, Acetate ester is one of the shortest with a half-life of 1 day and makes possible to evenly saturate blood with the drug for 24 hours. There are 19 total esters from the shortest, Format (0.5 days), to the longest one, Laurat (10 days). But the most common are Propionate (1-2 days), Enanthate (5-6 days) and Cypionate (6-7 days). These esters are most often used in hormone therapy and let to make a clear schedule for the using of sport pharmacology. During such therapy, it is extremely important to keep the equal level of the in blood, and esters do a great job with this task. In particular, Enanthate ester with a half-life of 5-6 days is used in this drug. This fact means that the period of this ester action is almost a week after the injection.

Injections of this drug are made strictly intramuscularly, as they contain an oily base and are absorbed into the blood through the lymphatic system. This is a positive thing, since the medicines for intramuscular use have virtually no effect on the liver. Unlike oral AAS, injections are filtered in the liver only once directly from the blood, thus practically do not affect the work of this organ.

High anabolic properties of testosterone are valued not only in medicine, but also in sports. Sports pharmacology is at the heart of the training of any professional athlete, it cannot be otherwise, because a simple organism without pharmacological support is simply not able to overcome the stresses that professional athletes feel. There are a high number of different anabolic steroids and their forms of applying. Injection testosterone basically acts as a base for making powerful courses, which sometimes include up to 3-5 drugs at the same time. But in some cases, Testosterone Enanthate can be used as the only drug on the course, as a rule it concerns novice users.

There are features of athlete who use injections of testosterone:

  • Fast growth of muscle mass;

  • Increased rehabilitation (compared to sportsmen who do not use such drugs);

  • Almost instant increase in power indicators;

  • High speed of reaction;

  • Increased endurance.

Sometimes quality pharmacology can significantly expand the physical maximum of athlete and give him a clear advantage over other athletes.

The main users of Androgenic Anabolic Steroids (AAS) are primarily bodybuilders and representatives of other types, where the result is based on high-quality muscles and a minimum percentage of subcutaneous fat. Exogenous testosterone allows them to significantly speed up the metabolism and improve lipid metabolism in the organism. As a result, fat is more actively used by our body as energy, the deposition of fat decreases in several times even taking into account the high surplus of calories.

Another valuable property of testosterone in bodybuilding is the rehabilitation of damaged muscle tissue. Fast recovery allows you to train more and more often. Testosterone is the only hormone that so actively affects the nucleus of the muscle cell and literally makes it work harder and produce more amino acids. As a result, accelerated growth of muscle tissue occurs. It can also be noted, that testosterone makes the work of the whole organism more effective: more correctly distributes nutrients, contributes to the accumulation of more energy in the form of glycogen, more energy is processed in muscle cells, which allows the cell to work more efficiently. As a result, the user's power indicators increase, which in turn allows him to progress significantly.

Applying in sports:

Testosterone Enanthate contains fairly long ether, which makes it extremely simple and convenient to use, but long esters always have the same property as water accumulation in the user's body. Therefore, this testosterone ester is recommended to be used during the off-season (weight gaining, not the competitive period). This property is extremely useful for the user during the period of the most difficult training sessions on weight gaining, since it is characterized by a large load. In turn, frequent and intensive training with loads can lead to rapid deterioration of cartilage and, as a result, of the joints. Therefore, the accumulation of fluid in the organism is rather the positive side, than the negative one, as excessive moisture also contributes to a more active production of synovial fluid in the joints. As a result, the joints are not exposed to excessive friction even during the work with really large loads.

Another useful property for bodybuilding is effect of testosterone on the production of Nitric Oxide in blood vessels. This substance is a relaxant for the smooth muscles of blood vessels, under its influence even the smallest capillaries increase their clearance (throughput), thereby allowing more blood to reach even the most remote parts of our organism. As a result, the task of supplying the blood of the newly formed muscle structures is facilitated. Nutrients and oxygen get to the body along with the blood, and better removal of waste products of cells (toxins) also occurs.

The dosage and schedule of applying firstly depends on user’s experience. For novice athletes, using this drug alone on the course, it is usually enough to apply 1 ml (250 mg) per week. Such dosage allows you to feel all features of increased testosterone level in the blood.

More advanced users rarely apply a dosage of less than 500 mg once every 5 days – this is fairly high dosage and requires skills to control side effects. The maximum allowable dose is 1000 mg per week, higher ones have not proven to be effective and most likely will not benefit.

The duration of the course also depends on athlete’s experience and concomitant drugs. As a rule, good effect can be gained even on the 6 weeks course, but there are longer ones. Maximum course lasts no longer than 10-12 weeks, after you should pass post-course therapy. 

Side effects:

Using testosterone drugs in small dosage (250mg a week) you likely won’t feel any side effects. But using large amount leads to some undesirable consequences:

  • Estrogenic activity. Estrogen couldn’t aromatize. It makes sense to use antiestrogen or aromatase inhibitors in more difficult cycles;

  • Androgenic effects. Increased aggression, baldness, acne. To avoid such disorders you should follow the recommendations of using;

  • Exogenous testosterone can influence on the production of own testosterone. To resume normal gland function you should undergo the medical examination.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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