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Information about the drug:

This type of ether Enanthate is used in sports for a long time. Like another drugs with Testosterone in consist, their history of using starts in medicine for treating many male’s problems. Basically such drugs are used for treating diseases bound up with low level of androgens. Also Testosterone is used in such ways: during muscle mass spend intensively, for bed-patients and for rehabilitation after difficult operations, when it’s necessary to increase growth of muscle tissues.

No wonder that properties of these drugs play an important role in sports. Anabolic potential of such drugs is disclosed here. Athletes use exogenous Testosterone during the preparation. It allows to gain better results and makes sportsmen more efficient. Thanks to Testosterone athletes become more powerful, sometimes force index could be crucial in the victory achieving.

In bodybuilding drugs based on testosterone are played an important role during mass-gain period. Testosterone Enanthate -250 is synthetic analog of male sex hormone, namely Testosterone. It is main anabolic hormone in male’s body, that responsible for body shaping, including muscular structure. Athlete gets some advantages using these drugs: Accelerated protein synthesis in cells; Increasing of power indicators; Better oxygen saturation of tissues; Increased appetite; Sport aggression; Good endurance.

Bodybuilders attend to testosterone ester. Enanthate is used in this one, its half-life is 5-6 days. It’s mean that sportsmen will get the same amount of the drug during this time. Its effect reminds natural action.


Using this testosterone ester in steroid cycle, athlete shouldn’t think about regular injections and about supporting one level of drug in the blood. Ester makes it independently, it saturates blood with testosterone smoothly and evenly. It is very conveniently and helps sportsman to focus on the trainings.

This drug can be used singly or can be added to the more difficult anabolic steroids cycle. Basically newbies use it singly, with any complexity in using it and helps to increase the effectiveness of the exercises.

More experienced athletes use this drug with another one to gain powerful results and effect.

The dosage depends on some factors: athlete’s experience of using steroids, his weight, age and aims.

250mg(1 ampoule) in a week is enough for beginners. It lets them feel smooth effect and makes to train more effective, but don’t expect large increase in mass.

To gain higher results the dosage could be larger, starts from 400mg to 1000mg a week. Such doses increase human’s body opportunities and give nice mass and force increasing on condition with diet and training schedule.

Course duration depends on athlete’s experience, the average course lasts 6-12 weeks. After the course it’s necessary to pass the course of therapy.

Side effects:

Using testosterone drugs in small dosage (250mg a week) you likely won’t feel any side effects. But using large amount leads to some undesirable consequences:

  • Estrogenic activity. Estrogen couldn’t aromatize. It makes sense to use antiestrogen or aromatase inhibitors in more difficult cycles;

  • Androgenic effects. Increased aggression, baldness, acne. To avoid such disorders you should follow the recommendations of using;

  • Exogenous testosterone can influence on the production of own testosterone. To resume normal gland function you should undergo the medical examination.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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