Top performances for athletes cycle

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Today, professional bodybuilding is impossible without pharmacology. Rumours that Mr. Olympia can only be made using medication are no longer rumours. And modern pharmacology offers athletes many drugs. Some of them are aimed at improving the results of an athlete. The remaining ones are aimed at normalizing the state of the bodybuilder and increasing energy supply. And the last group of drugs protects the body from side effects.

The combination of all these groups of drugs, proper nutrition and professional training is what helps athletes to show top performances.

In this article, we will analyze the course of drugs for professional athletes who are familiar with the rules of taking the drugs. I propose to talk about each of the drugs, and then about the rules for taking them in combination.

Before starting, I would like to write a small disclaimer:

All information below is for guidance only. Besides, all professional athletes are people who monitor their health. They regularly undergo medical examinations and are aware of the risks of using such drugs.

And the last thing before starting: Only taking medications will not bring any results, except side effects. In the first place should always be training and diet.

This cycle is rather complicated. It includes 4 steroid drugs, Clomid and HCG to reduce side effects and Clenbuterol to increase oxygen delivery to organs and tissues.

And so, let’s talk about steroids.


Dianabol is a short-acting oral anabolic steroid. The drug was specially created in the 50s for American athletes. Until the 1960s, it was approved for use. Mainly because he could not be found in the blood of an athlete. The success of the American Olympic team in the 50s is associated with this drug.

Dianabol activates protein synthesis, enhances the synthesis of other substances and creates a positive nitrogen balance. A positive nitrogen balance is such a state of the body when protein synthesis significantly exceeds its breakdown. Normally, people have a neutral nitrogen balance. These processes increase the rate of muscle growth.

Due to its methyltestosterone-like structure, Dianabol has a similar effect on adipose tissue. It reduces the breakdown of fats into energy. Thus, it provides the body with energy and reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat.

It should be noted that Dianabol lowers immunity. This is due to the interaction with glucocorticoids. Also, it has a strong effect on the liver.

The tablet form of the fast steroid is a big advantage. Many athletes are not ready to do daily injections. Therefore, taking per os helps a lot. But all the medications that we take through the mouth immediately enter the liver. And only then they get into the tissues of the body. Therefore, when taking Dianabol, you need to control the liver markers in the blood.

Dianabol is popular among athletes. It is offered mainly to professionals.


Stromba 50

Stromba is the most popular and reliable stanozolol drug. It was created in the USA in 1962. This is one of the metabolites of dihydrotestosterone. Although its effect is much weaker than that of Dianabol, but there are several reasons why it is present in many cycles. Since this is a metabolite of testosterone, it is not subject to aromatization. The second is the ability to bind to globulin.

There is one protein in our body called globulin. Its task is to remove excess compounds and transfer them to the liver. There, these substances will be destroyed. This is an important and good feature. But this protein also attaches to itself testosterone. Stromba blocks globulin and helps other stronger steroids do their job.

The third point is an increase in the number of red blood cells. Erythrocytes deliver oxygen to the cells. There, oxygen is used to generate energy from fat and glucose. Protein synthesis is a very energy-intensive process. Therefore, energy delivery directly affects the quality of the training.

The effect on the liver in Stromba is much milder than Dianabol has. This is due to a simpler and more natural structure. But it is still there, so pay attention to it.



Testosterone propionate

Testosterone Propionate is the oldest and most proven steroid in the world. This is a testosterone molecule with propionate attached to it. Adding different esters prolongs the effects of testosterone. Solo testosterone would last about 4 hours. With the help of propionate, it was possible to extend its effect by 1.5 days. Some esters prolong the action of testosterone for a week. But they begin to act 2 days after the injection.

A strong anabolic effect and significant activation of muscle growth are the big pluses of the drug. Often it is used in cut cycles. And the main reason – Testosterone Propionate does not accumulate water in the body. There is no swelling and pasty muscles. This means that after the end of the course you will not lose your masa. Besides, tissue edema affects the strength and performance of the athlete.

Most side effects are associated with the aromatization process. Aromatization is the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and estrogen. And the accumulation of large amounts of estrogen leads to disturbances.

The main ones are gynecomastia acne and hirsutism. There are many more side effects. If you are interested in the topic of the use of steroids in sports, then be sure to study the process of aromatization.


Masteron propionate

The active ingredient in this drug is dihydrotestosterone propionate. Masteron has high androgenic activity and moderate anabolic effects. Masteron does not aromatize in the body. Its biological effect even slightly inhibits aromatase. This enzyme is responsible for the aromatization process. Usually, Masteron is taken in the second half of the cycle. By the middle of the cycle, the amount of estrogen in the body increases, and they can begin to show a negative effect.

This effect has been used in women with breast cancer. This helped to normalize the amount of estrogen. But, unfortunately, the drug caused virilization. Therefore, women should refuse to take it in large doses.

Masteron propionate is widely used by athletes in bodybuilding. It is often used to preserve muscle mass and strength during drying cycles.

Masteron also additionally removes fluid from the body. Therefore, in combination with Testosterone propionate gives good muscle relief.

Most often, the drug is used before the competition. It makes the muscles hard.

Often in powerlifting, athletes use Masteron to increase muscle strength and not gain weight.

These are the 4 main steroid drugs on the course. Also, the cycle includes three additional drugs. They remove side effects and increase the effectiveness of training.




The first of the drugs, Clomid, is classified as an antiestrogen. Clomid is more likely a receptor modulator. This means that depending on which tissue of the body it has entered, its action will be different.

Clomid is a very complex drug. Its pharmacodynamics is constantly being studied.

In addition to inhibiting estrogen and preventing the negative effects of aromatization, Clomid acts on the hypothalamus. This is the main regulatory organ of the endocrine system.

One of the worst complications of testosterone steroids is testicular atrophy. The accumulation of estrogen leads to this.

Testosterone breaks down to form estrogen. Estrogen then binds to hypothalamic receptors. The hypothalamus instructs the testes to stop producing testosterone. And the more testosterone we take, the stronger this effect. Clomid blocks estrogen receptors in the pituitary gland. And estrogen cannot affect the pituitary gland.

Also, this drug further enhances the production of endogenous testosterone.


HCG is a hormone that is secreted in pregnant women in the placenta. It has the same effect as gonadotropin. It has a wide range of actions. But what interests us most is his ability to stimulate testosterone and sperm production in the testes.

A low concentration of this particular hormone can lead to testicular atrophy.

Therefore, in bodybuilding, with prolonged use of steroids, HCG must be additionally administered to prevent testicular atrophy.

There have been attempts to use HCG to recruit muscle mass. After all, if it stimulates the production of testosterone, then you do not need to inject testosterone? The main problem is large doses of HCG to achieve the effect.


In bodybuilding, the use of chorionic gonadotropin is necessary during anabolic steroids intake for testes atrophy prevention. In this case, its use is safe, since the dose of the drug is much lower. Besides, HCG eliminates some of the side effects of anabolic steroids. HCG also helps maintain lean muscle mass.

Less commonly, chorionic gonadotropin is used as part of post-course therapy. It should be administered before PCT, since during post-cycle therapy, HCG may interfere with recovery.


Clenbuterol – Doctors are used to treat asthma attacks.

It is often used in modern bodybuilding and fitness because it can burn fat. Many athletes use it for weight loss.

It belongs to the group of beta-adrenergic agonists. These drugs affect several systems. First of all, it is the cardiovascular system. By binding to receptors in the heart, Clenbuterol accelerates the pulse. Also, it releases adrenaline and norepinephrine. They dilate blood vessels, increase the release of glucose into the blood and accelerate the synthesis of glucose from fats. Clenbuterol

Interacts with receptors in adipose and muscle tissue.

There, it activates lipolysis and provokes the release of energy. In the respiratory system, Clenbuterol acts on the bronchi. It increases their clearance and increases the flow of oxygen.

Please note that WADA has banned Clenbuterol for use in athletes.


So, lets talk about the combination of this drugs.

Top performances for athletes table

Total: 2 dbol, 2 win 50, 2 prop, 1 mast prop, 1 clom, 3 hcg, 1 clen


Throughout the 10 weeks of the cycle from the first to the last day you need to take:

• Dianabol at 20 mg per day. It is advisable to take it before training because the average duration of the drug action is 3-4 hours.

• Stromba 50, 1 tablet per day. It can be taken before training with Dianabol. Thus, this ill strengthen the interaction of these drugs and their effect will be summarized.

• Testosterone Propionate Injection 50 mg. It is necessary to evenly distribute the load for a week. Choose 4 days of the week when you will be injected.

Clenbuterol must be taken throughout the cycle at 50 mcg every other day except for the tenth week. Usually this cycle is used by athletes to prepare for competitions, therefore, in addition to prolonged use, the problem is doping control.

At week four, you must attach Masteron propionate. The half-life of Masteron equals the half-life of Testosterone Propionate. Therefore, for convenience, we suggest introducing it on the same days of the week, with an interval of several hours. In the first week of administration (fourth week of the cycle), you must enter 4 doses of 25 mg. Then from next week the dose can be increased to 35-40 mg.

Clomid and HCG begin to be administered from the seventh and eighth weeks of the course. By this time, it is necessary to introduce drugs to combat aromatization. Clomid should be taken at a dose of 100 mg per day. In the tenth week of the cycle, to prevent withdrawal, you need to reduce the dose to 50 mg per day. HCG has no withdrawal syndrome, so its dosage is stable at 5000 IU per week. You can enter a dose once a week, but it is recommended to divide the dose into two injections.

Remember, medication will not be able to build muscle for you! This is just an addition to your hard workouts!

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