Ultraprimobolan 100

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  • Strength: 100 mg
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Information about the drug:

Ultraprimobolan - 100 This is one of the safest in terms of adverse effects and mildly acting on the body of drugs that can now be purchased on the world market. Androgenic, anabolic steroid (a derivative of dihydrotestosterone) whose active ingredient is Methenolone, the steroid profile of which is anabolic 88% androgenic 44% of natural testosterone.

In this case, the drug is injectable and contains Enanthate ester, this compound makes the drug quite a long time, which greatly simplifies the administration of the presented funds. Long ether allows you to do injections quite rarely (once a week), while the amount of the drug in the blood remains at the required level throughout the half-life of Enanthate ether.

The drug does not contribute to the collection of large volumes of muscle if it is used as the only one on the course, but it is well considered with more powerful AAS, effectively complementing them and enhancing the effect. As a rule, it is used in the period of preparation for performances, combining it with Stanozolol, in which case the relief of the muscles and its quality are significantly improved. By combining Ultraprimobolan - 100 with mass-absorbing drugs, you can significantly improve the quality of the gained mass and reduce the recoil syndrome.

The drug contributes to the preservation of muscle mass in the period of compliance with a strict, low-carbohydrate diet, even if it is used only. Also Ultraprimobolan - 100 speeds up the process of lipolysis in the body, helping the body replenish energy reserves due to the breakdown of fat.


Skillfully complementing Ultraprimobolan - Depot with other anabolic agents, you can achieve a really high-quality result that will continue after all drugs are canceled.

Weekly dosage depends on the intended use is 400-600 mg per week.

Ultraprimobolan 100 is loyal to the female body, so athletes are allowed to use it, however, the recommended dosage is significantly lower and amounts to 100-150 mg of the drug per week.

The general course of use should not exceed 12 weeks for men and 8 weeks for women.

Side effects:

Methenolone Enanthate is a fairly friendly tool for the human body, but still do not forget that this is AAS, and has a number of undesirable effects of abuse:

  • Acne, body hair growth, alopecia, coarseness of the voice (androgenic effects);

  • Masculinization of women, manifestation is not likely, however, is still possible;

  • Testosterone production in men may become less active.


This drug is medical product and requires following recommendations of using and storing. It should be stored in the cool dark place, avoiding direct sunlight. It’s also necessary to prevent applying this drug by children.

Consult your doctor before using. 

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