Ultratritren 150

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  • Strength: 150 mg/ml
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Information about the drug:

Acetate 50 mg; Enanthate 50mg; Hexahydrobenzyl carbonate 50mg.

Ultratritren is a 150 complex drug that includes three different half-life of esters. This combination of esters made it possible to make a product of prolonged action which is quite simple to administer and use.

The most powerful androgenic, anabolic steroid Trenbolone is available in several forms: Acetate, Enanthate and Trenbolone - Mix. But it is the mixture of different esters that allows you to get the result literally two hours after the injection and feel the effect of the drug up to two weeks.

Powerful gain of high-quality (dry) muscles, a huge jump in power indicators, rapid loss of adipose tissue, all this can be explained by the fact that Ultratritren - 150 is 5 times higher than natural testosterone in terms of its effect on the human body. Trenbolone is an integral element of professional weight gain courses in bodybuilding, the drug can be taken only on the course as it has all the necessary characteristics for a quick and high-quality result.

The drug contributes to better oxygenation (oxygen saturation) of the whole body, this allows the athlete to get the maximum from his body, to expand physical abilities to the chapel. The drug contributes to a more rapid and high-quality recovery of muscle tissue, allowing you to train more often and more efficiently.

Trenbolone - Mix increases the rate of lipolysis, burning fat reserves to increase energy levels, there is a change in the ratio of fat and muscle in the body in the direction of muscle mass. Improved relief and elasticity of skeletal muscles. This property is especially valuable in the period of preparation for performances, combining Trenbolone with other AAS can achieve the maximum possible result in the shortest possible time.


Depending on the purpose for which this Trenbolone mix is used, its dosage is different. For a set of muscle mass, a dosage of 200-400 mg per week is usually applied, more experienced athletes use a dosage well above 600-800 mg, but for such high dosages, a great deal of experience is needed in the application and control of adverse events.

Using the drug in order to overcome catabolic processes in the period of preparation for performances, the dosage of 150-200 mg per week is considered to be quite effective. There is a qualitative opposition to the development of cartizol, which allows you to save the accumulated mass in spite of a strict, low carbohydrate diet. The same use of Ultratritren - 150 allows you to save and power indicators of the athlete.

The course duration is 8-12 weeks. It is not recommended to exceed this period as Trenbolone is able to lower the performance of the sex glands, as a result, and testosterone.

Side effects:

When using this drug, in small dosages, most likely you will not experience any superfluous symptoms, however, if you exceed the dosages excessively or the course duration, the following side effects may occur:

  • Trenbolone does not have the ability to aromatize, however, it can cause gynecomastia;

  • Androgenic side properties of the drug are manifested primarily in increased aggressiveness, hair growth on the body and face, as well as acne may appear (individually);

  • Decrease in production of own testosterone, passage after course of therapy is required;

  • High blood pressure, rapid pulse, sleep problems.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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