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Information about the drug:

Winstrol Depot is anabolic androgenic steroid drug. The injective form is one of the most popular ways of using drugs during the preparation. It is available for men and women.

Stanozolol in injections has better characters then its analogs in tabs because it is not subjected to the influence of the digestive system. It helps to save more active components and has less negative influence to the liver.

This drug is very popular for athletes who want to increase the speed, muscles and endurance. It often helps boxers, fighters and athletes to reach these aims. There is an advantage for these kinds of sport – with the help of this drug sportsmen often get rid of the fats and water. It helps to increase the productivity and don’t gain more mass, staying in the same weight category.

Winstrol Depot is also often used during the mass gaining period, it should be combine with testosterone based drugs – in such composition testosterone helps mass gaining and Winstrol makes this mass more qualitative, don’t let the big amount of water accumulates. In the result muscles become relief and taut.

Applying this product with testosterone leads to other positive process. Winstrol can low the activity of globulin. This protein can make extra testosterone non-active, the using of Stanozolol let to increase the amount of free testosterone in the blood, increasing also its anabolic influence.


If you are interested in gaining great volumes, Stanozolol will not be enough. It will help you to gain great muscles, but dont expect big growth. Another case is adding Stanozolol to the more difficult course with minimum one drug with testosterone.

The dosage for mass gaining is 50-75mg, sometimes 100mg once in 2 days. It will increase the effectiveness of the trainings and give the growth of qualitative muscular volume.

The main area of using is the cycle of preparation (cut) – during this period this product shows its potential fully.

The dosage during the cut is 200-250mg a week. The drug can be used every day in smaller doses or once in 2 days in the bigger amount.

Female sportsmen can low the dose in 2 times because of the lower weight and physical features.

This drug can be used by men and women, but the course shouldn’t be more than 8 weeks for men and 6 weeks for women.

Side effects:

Thanks to its effectiveness and loyal attitude to the athlete’s body, this drug is very popular – it practically does not cause side reactions, but you can feel such symptoms using big doses:

  • Acne and increased hair growth – androgenic properties;

  • The inhibition of secretion natural androgens. Recommended to pass post-course therapy;

  • The influence to the liver.

You also should remember that Stanozolol can spare your organism from water. This property is very valuable for bodybuilders, but it has influence on the production of the synovial fluid. In the case of using big doses fluid products less and it can bring pain in the joints.


Please, read the instructions and consult your doctor before using this drug. Stop applying it if you find any side-effects and contact medical workers.

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