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  • Information about the drug Testosterone propionate in ampoules is a steroid that is both androgenic and anabolic in equal proportions. He propionate became one of the first steroid forms of testosterone available on the market and is very popular more

    Testosterone Propionate 100 mg/1 ml

    $ 12.50 CAD$ 105.00 CAD$ 12.50 CAD - $ 105.00 CAD
  • Information about the drug In bodybuilding, Testosterone Depo (Testosterone Enanthate) is a muscle building steroid. And it is completely indifferent what you think about Dianabol, Anadrol 50, etc., when it comes to the strength of muscle mass and rapid more

    Testosterone Depo 250 mg/1 ml

    $ 15.50 CAD$ 140.00 CAD$ 15.50 CAD - $ 140.00 CAD
  • Information about the drug Hemp CBD Isolate Oil 1000 mg 30 ml is a cannabidiol based oil free from banned THC. It has a complex effect of protecting the brain and psyche from stress factors, and also improves the more
    NEW Sale! CBD Isolate

    CBD Isolate

    $ 79.00 CAD$ 63.00 CAD
  • Information about the drug The cannabis industry is one of the most exciting and fastest growing in the natural health sector. As regulations regarding the plant and its commercial use change around the world we are seeing new hemp more
    NEW Sale! CBD Full Spectrum

    CBD Full Spectrum

    $ 89.00 CAD$ 73.00 CAD
  • Information about the drug Sustanon (also known as Sustaretard and Tetrasterone) is a blend of various testosterone esters pioneered and released by Organon as a hormone replacement therapy for inadequate endogenous testosterone secretion. Currently, almost all mixtures of testosternone more

    Sustanon 250 Aspen

    $ 13.00 CAD$ 105.00 CAD$ 13.00 CAD - $ 105.00 CAD
  • Information about the drug Dostinex (Kabergolin) is a drug that inhibits the body’s natural production of prolactin. It helps to normalize the hormonal background, which is disturbed against the background of physical (overwork, overtraining) and emotional (sleep disturbance, stress) factors, more
    NEWDostinex (Kabergolin)

    Dostinex (Kabergolin)

    $ 32.00 CAD$ 58.00 CAD$ 32.00 CAD - $ 58.00 CAD
  • Information about the drug Rimobolan (Methenolone Enanthate) is an anabolic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone. However, it lacks the effects of its chemical predecessor. In medicine, this drug is used to treat anemia in women and even children. Methenolone acts mildly, more
    NEWRimobolan (Primobolan)

    Rimobolan (Primobolan)

    $ 17.00 CAD$ 147.00 CAD$ 17.00 CAD - $ 147.00 CAD
  • Information about the drug Decabol-250 (Nandrolone) androgenic anabolic steroid is available in injectable form. It has a fairly strong and relatively long anabolic effect. It is used in strength and mass-gaining courses or simply for general strengthening of the body, more
    NEW Sale! Decabol-250

    Decabol 250

    $ 84.00 CAD$ 79.00 CAD
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  • Sustanon 250 Organon

    $ 13.00 CAD

    Out of stock

  • Testosterone Cypionate is a drug that contains long ether, the half-life of which is 6-7 days. For the first time a drug with such a long ether appeared in the distant 1950. And it was used to treat men with a deficiency of androgens, as well as prescribed medication prescribed for patients who experienced rapid loss of weight. Properties of drugs based on testosterone help a lot of sick people now, mainly this recovery after heavy surgery and large more
    NEW Sale! Cypionax


    $ 13.15 CAD$ 11.60 CAD
  • Adrenosterone is also known under the trade name 11-OXO. This drug is a steroid with a weak anabolic and androgenic properties, but its advantages are as follows, this product acts as an inhibitor of such an enzyme as reductase. This enzyme is responsible for the conversion of Cortisone to kartzol. Cartisol is a catabolic hormone and promotes loss of muscle mass. Under the influence of Cartisol, muscle tissues are processed into more
    NEW Sale! Adrenosterone steroids Canada

    Adrenosterone 50MG

    $ 37.00 CAD$ 33.00 CAD
  • Cialis is not an anabolic drug, it does not affect strength indicators or hormonal background. The drug does not stimulate to training and does not help to recover. However, it has properties that steroids do not have. Its original purpose is to combat male impotence (erectile dysfunction). The drug has passed many tests, tests, tests by time and proved its effectiveness in the field of helping more
    NEWTadalafil (cialis) 20mg pharma science

    Tadalafil (Cialis) 20MG Pharma Science

    $ 7.00 CAD$ 24.00 CAD$ 7.00 CAD - $ 24.00 CAD
  • Sildenafil is also known like VIAGRA, one is the most recognizable drugs in the world, gained its popularity thanks to the property to overcome male’s sexual dysfunction. Should be noted that this drug is really very effective in this area, helping many men over the world and it is one of the more
    NEWMar sildenafil 100

    MAR-Sildenafil 100

    $ 7.00 CAD$ 7.00 CAD - $ 7.00 CAD

    Out of stock

  • Winstrol Depot is anabolic androgenic steroid drug. The injective form is one of the most popular ways of using drugs during the preparation. It is available for men and women. Stanozolol in injections has better characters then its analogs in tabs because it is not subjected to the influence of the digestive system. It helps to save more active components and has less negative influence to the more

    Winstrol Depot (Stanozolol)

    $ 28.00 CAD$ 25.00 CAD
  • Testosteron Enanthateis an androgenic anabolic steroid, an artificial analogue of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is added with an ester that delays the release of this hormone into the blood. This ether provides a uniform flow of drug molecules into the blood during the more
    NEW Sale! Testoviron depot

    Testoviron depot

    $ 18.00 CAD$ 16.00 CAD
  • Nandrolone androgenic, anabolic steroid drug. It was first introduced in 1962. Since then, it has been intensively used in medicine and sports. In its chemical nature, it is very similar to testosterone, but has been modified. The modification gave a good result, namely it was possible to increase anabolic properties in comparison with pure testosterone. Androgenic properties of the drug could be reduced to about 30%. This made it possible to reduce the likelihood of androgenic side more
    NEW Sale! Nandrolone Decanoate

    Nandrolone Decanoate

    $ 19.00 CAD$ 17.00 CAD
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  • Testosterone has a number of necessary properties for the healthy condition of a man, namely: It keeps the body calcium and potassium, is responsible for phosphorus metabolism and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance. These properties strengthen the bones and allow the muscles to properly develop and more
    NEW Sale! TestoAcetate-100


    $ 58.00 CAD$ 52.00 CAD
  • Trienol is commercial name of the chemical product better known as Methyltrinolone. It is androgenic anabolic steroid in tablets for oral applying. 17-alpha alkylated drug, 17a modification allows product to pass human’s digestive system and save its anabolic and androgenic more
    NEW Sale! Trienol


    $ 84.00 CAD$ 76.00 CAD
  • Decabol-300 (Nandrolone) androgenic anabolic steroid is available in injectable form. It has a fairly strong and relatively long anabolic effect. It is used in strength and mass-gaining courses or simply for general strengthening of the body, from strengthening immune defense to improving the functioning of joints. At different dosages, Decabol 300 can be recommended for beginners or experienced more
    NEW Sale! Decabol-300

    Decabol 300

    $ 84.00 CAD$ 79.00 CAD

    Out of stock

  • Information about the drug Decabol-250 (Nandrolone) androgenic anabolic steroid is available in injectable form. It has a fairly strong and relatively long anabolic effect. It is used in strength and mass-gaining courses or simply for general strengthening of the body, more
    NEW Sale! Decabol-250

    Decabol 250

    $ 84.00 CAD$ 79.00 CAD
  • Anavar is one of a few drugs that have gained the great popularity not only in iron sports, but also used by almost all sportsmen of various kinds of sport. Actually, Anavar is well known in athletics, cycling, boxing, wrestling, football and many other more
    NEW Sale! Anavar

    Anavar Oxandrolone 20mg 50 tablets

    $ 100.00 CAD$ 80.00 CAD
  • Trenbolone Acetate is a powerful anabolic, androgenic drug that many athletes consider to be the best among the existing ones. This drug uses the shortest Acetate ester, the half-life is 24 hours, and the effect of the injection occurs within two hours. It is expressed in a surge of strength and more
    NEW Sale! Ultrafina-100

    Ultrafina 100

    $ 32.00 CAD$ 29.00 CAD
  • Nolvadex is an antitumor agent. The active ingredient Tamoxifen (a non-steroidal estrogen antagonist) was invented back in the 60s of the last century. It has the ability to block estrogen receptors located on the surface of tumor cells. For more than half a century of use, this tool has been recognized as one of the safest and most effective tools for fighting breast more
    NEW Sale! Nolvadex


    $ 63.00 CAD$ 57.00 CAD
  • Boldabol 200, Equipoiseis commercial name of the well-known drug Boldenone that is androgenic anabolic steroid. In fact, it is a derivative substance of testosterone that reminds methandrostenolone by the structure. In the sport this drug came from veterinary medicine, where it is used and at the present time for rapid weight gaining in farm more
    NEW Sale! Boldabol-200

    Boldabol 200

    $ 74.00 CAD$ 69.00 CAD

    Out of stock

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Welcome In The Online Store THE ROIDS!

THE ROIDS is online store where you can find wide range of androgenic anabolic steroids (AAS), drugs for post-course therapy (PCT) and also human growth hormone (HGH) – everything necessary for fast and quality weight loss.

All production we have can fully provide novice athlete’s needs and also we have everything that professional sportsmen need, starting with mass gaining and till preparation for the competition:

  • Mass-gaining steroid drugs for injections and in tablets;
  • Drugs for post-course therapy;
  • Human growth hormone HGH and IGF-1;
  • Products that helps to normalize the rest and wake mode like Modafinil, Zopiclone and CBD Oil;
  • Steroids for fat burning;
  • Different types of action diuretics, also potassium-sparing like Spirotone (Aldactone);
  • Medicines for male potency increasing.

The range is useful for professionals and novice bodybuilders and other sportsmen where it’s necessary to increase main characters of athlete fast: power, speed, endurance. Also some products can help to save weight category and increase productivity and effectiveness.

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Why Choose THE ROIDS

Original production

We distribute only licensed products of well-known and trusted brands.

Best prices

In our store you can purchase original products by pleasant prices.

Security payments

All payment methods that are available in our store are safe, and you can pay for your purchase without any fears.

Fast delivery

Your order will be delivered as soon as possible, regardless of your location.

Customer service

If you have any questions, our support team will try help you to resolve your problem.

What Our Customers Says

Larry Finley
Larry Finley

When someone asks me where is it safe and guaranteed to buy drugs to improve my body? I will not hesitate to answer: on Theroids. Why? The answer is simple. Here you can find a large number of drugs, both for beginners and experienced athletes. Here you will find everything you need for successful courses with an affordable price! There`re no places for fake drugs and cheating!

Larry Finley

First of all, I want to say a few words about the design of the site itself. The site is very understandable, nice looking, and, most importantly, convenient. I was pleasantly surprised by the range of drugs and their price. Naturally I will recommend this store to all my friends!


I am very pleased with the work of the Theroids store service. First of all, I was very surprised by the low prices for the goods of this store. Here you can also find everything you need for what you need. I will recommend this store to everyone!


Latest News

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Strength training with overcoming its own weight is good because it allows everyone to become stronger without equipment, exercise equipment and gyms. You don’t need to go somewhere, pay for something or stand in line. You can always work on...
If your attitude towards life is “working at your limit,” it might be time to relax and unload a little. Many bodybuilders follow the principle “I don’t need your smelly break” and leave no time for deload at all in...
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The brand of a beautiful body has recently become an integral part of the personal image. Do you want to capture admiring glances at your figure? You need to go to the gym. But for the right relief and harmonious development, you can not do without the correct application of sports pharmaceuticals. Among the excellent choice of products for bodybuilding, powerlifting, presented on the site, both the professional athlete and the beginner will be able to find for themselves anabolic steroids. We advise you to take advantage of our responsive service and get a consultation on the use of the steroids pills from an experienced manager.

Expanded range of quality sports pharmaceuticals

Among the presented professional branded sports drugs, selected for all available purposes, we have chosen the best for you, based on the joint experience of the community of pro athletes.

Sales of pacifier steroids in Canada to athletes today are made by many people and organizations that have nothing to do with professional sports through websites and marketplaces. As opposed to them, you will always find quality sports pharmacology at our site.

We love our loyal customers and offer adequate prices for various groups of sports products designed to gain weight, strong, beautiful muscles, drying, strong male libido, pronounced potency. You can buy steroids 24/7, at any convenient time for you. Branded sports pharmacology is delivered across Canada in any convenient way.

Why do athletes trust us?

From the very beginning, we take full responsibility for the products we offer online. We have many years of experience in selling sports products of world-famous manufacturers from Europe, the USA, and Asia for bodybuilders, powerlifters, amateur athletes, so we provide the most adequate prices for our drugs. Experienced managers in our store will not only help you to choose but also recommend an individual kit and course of treatment.

Advantages of buying drugs in our shop:

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