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Drugs for burning fats

Why fat-burners are used?

Every person, professional sportsmen or common visitor, wants to look healthy and fit. Such body reached by relation of the fat and muscle tissues in the organism. Sports, proper nutrition and good rest are main factors to obtain attractive body. But depends on the fat in the organism this process can continue for a long time.

Sure enough, natural and healthy diet, endurance on the running track is perspective deal, but often can’t help to reach awaited result. Sometimes you haven’t much time to spent 2 hours a day in the gym and eat well. With present lifestyle it’s very difficult to control nutrition and physical mood. The surplus of calories leads to the fat tissue reserving – the more fats in the body, the more resources are given to save it. Overweight isn’t only non-aesthetically, it’s also bad for the health. The organism divides resources and converts them to the energy under 30 years old, then metabolism ceases and we become more laziness and slow, but eat such amount of food as earlier.

Scientists proves excess fat in the organism can decrease testosterone level in 2 times, then the general state of life declines.

Functions of fats in the organism:

Fat plays important role in any organism, its main duties are:

  • The maintenance and amortization of internal organs;

  • The maintenance of optimal body temperature;

  • The accumulation of energy and useful elements.

Fats reserve is an important part of the full functioning of the organism. Necessary amount of the fat depends on the human’s gender and age. On the average for 30 years old women, optimal amount of fats is 15-21% of body weight. For men under 30 years old it is 11-18% of body weight.

Excessing the limit in 32% means initial stage of obesity. It is really big index, such amount of fat can overload internal organs, forcing them to work on the limit.

How to decrease the percentage of fats in the organism?

Our organism can reserve fats, so it makes losing weight a problem. Regular physical trainings, usually cardio, won’t give fast results, because the body does not want to break with something that was being accumulated during this period.

The process of converting fats to energy is very slow and difficult. Hormones are responsible for disintegration fats into energy, so you should start losing weight from evaluation of hormones. Main hormones in fat burning are thyroid hormones – Thyroxin (T4) and Triiodthyronine (T3). There are 2 main hormones that provide us with energy, splitting fat.

To increase Т3 and Т4 level in organism artificially is the simplest and securest way to escape excess weight, wherein slimming person will feel nice increasing of force and courage. T3 and T4 based drugs are tested way of elimination of excess weight. Such drugs are basic for professional athletes. It is very important to decrease fats level to 7% — this amount of fat allows to gain ideal relief of muscles.

Artificially synthesized thyroid hormones will help to lose fats without changing lifestyle. Such drugs help to speed up the metabolic rate to teenagers level, literally burn all food into energy.

Is it possible to lose weight fast?

Fighting with excess weight is really long process that need correct touch. Using drugs in this unit you can lose mass fast, but it isn’t right way. Applying big doses, organism will lose fat very fast, but the accumulation was during the years, so it’s correct to lose weight gradually.

Too fast fat losing will not give an opportunity to stretch the skin, it can lead to plastic operations to stretch the skin.

But gradually decreasing of fats let your organism stretch the skin and you will not have problems with appearance of your body.

Medical workers advice cardio exercises to heal the organism. Long walks by foots allow to use recycled fat and strengthen blood vessels.

To reach better results slimming people should visit gym and work with a burden. Work with small weight but with repeat will help you to strengthen muscles. Don’t come to gym for jogging on the running track for hours – such cardio exercises in big amount can lead slimming people to joints injures.

Slow training on the training apparatus with burdening is more preferable, after 45-minutes workout reserved as glycogen energy spends and fats started to convert too. It’s necessary to spent converted energy, because it can be deposited back to the cells.

How to start the applying of fat-burners?

You should pass medical examination before the course of these drugs and find out how your organism produces T4 and T3 alone. The dosage and duration of the course depends on the level of these hormones. As usual this group of drugs is applied by short courses for 4-6 weeks with pause equal to the duration of the course. Thyroid hormones are really powerful products that produced in our body, getting synthetic analogs during the long time our body oppresses the production of natural hormones, that can lead to negative effects.

It’s necessary to use these drugs following your doctor’s recommendation.

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